Thursday, July 02, 2015

Blog July2

My friend challenged a small group of us to do a photo a day on Instagram. I'll see her challenge and raise it to a blog post a day. I'm already a day behind, but I have a post on que that I never published. I have nothing to blog about, but I tend to find somethingness in nothingness on a pretty regular basis.

I hate that I don't jot down all the crazy stuff Jude does on the blog. I have so much chronicled about the others at his age. Yesterday he was a dog most of the day. Panting, barking, crawling. He licked the floor while I was making dinner. He's also still in the "button" phase. He's all about finding peoples belly buttons. It's all fun and games til the kid exposes a muffin top while standing at the checkout.

While standing at the checkout yesterday...I had a kid mad at me because I wouldn't pay for his paracord. I've done a bracelet phase, I will not be sucked in again. If they want to make paracord bracelets, they're going to pay for it with their own money. The end. I had another kid begging for water, even though he had a brand new water in the car. This is the kid that never takes no for an answer. And then there was Jude simultaneously trying to climb out of the cart while grabbing for the hedge clippers. All the while I'm trying to pay for our purchases and the cashier is giving me equal parts pity and conversation. And so I laugh.

We were at Lowes because I've given up on landscapers. Two were no shows and the third has not called me back having seen the Ivy Jungle that is our backyard. I've found great therapy in digging. I have leveled three gardens and 75% of the side yard. The previous owners had a thing for azaleas and monkey grass. I don't appreciate plants that are only pretty for a minute. I am not a shrub shaper. I can't do uneven or lumpy. I like things neat and tidy. Monkey grass, while somewhat orderly, hides snakes. Nope.

While the boys and I are completely covered in mosquito bites, we've made some memories in the yard. I must say, what Simon lacks in size, he makes up for in sheer determination. That fool can get a firmly rooted shrub out of the ground like nobody's business.

Yeah, already this challenge is losing it's appeal. I doubt I'll be able to keep it up every day, but I shall try.

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