Friday, July 24, 2015

Blog July24

Today I heard about the death of another baby. That's five this week. Just in my little circle. Two miscarriages, three still births. 

Ironically, the number one person that comes to mind when I think of such a tragedy came for dinner tonight. She is the first person I knew to be touched by such grief. I was best friends with her daughter when we lived in Plattsburgh, NY. We were just kids, but we were bound and determined to have our BFF necklaces stand firm. Forever is a long time. We were able to reconnect for her thirteenth birthday. My parents put me on a plane bound for her house in Illinois. Her mom was pregnant when I was there, but lost her son shortly after my visit. 

I remember sending my friend sympathy cards and I remember her being incredibly sad, but beyond that, I didn't get it. Over the years we kept in touch a bit, but it wasn't until Facebook came along that we really reconnected. 

Fast forward twenty years and we're in each others lives again. It's my favorite thing about the military. The ability to have friends all over the place and the understanding that we can pick up right where we left off. Now that Sarah and I are only a few hours apart, we've been seeing quite a bit of each other. 

Tonight her parents were with her. They haven't changed a bit. Well, that's not true. They are no longer just "Sarah's parents." We aren't separated into older and younger, parents and kids. Somehow twenty years passed and we didn't scurry off to play dolls or train for the Olympics on the neighborhood swings. We all sat together and adults. 

We reminisced and they told me stories about my dad I hadn't heard before. They had us cracking up. It's so crazy to think that they were our age when we all lived together in Plattsburgh. These people, my people, they make my heart feel so full. They make me thank God for overlapping our stories, crossing our paths, giving us a familial relationship found only in and through His Son. What a blessed life I lead to have friends such as these. 

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