Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blog July29

I have nothing to say.

That's a lie. I have so much to say.

I am so utterly sickened by a society that will condone, celebrate, issue death threats on a man who killed an animal. I saw a comment about him being a monster who only did it so he could have a trophy; for the lion's skull. That is very sad. Lions are pretty. Lions don't deserve to be hunted down any more than hippos or squirrels or ants do. I mean, hunting to feed your family is one thing. Hunting for sport, even, I thinks it's okay, but I don't know that I'd be able to stomach walking into someone's home and seeing a lion rug on the floor. It would just make me wonder a lot of things.

I know a lot of hunters. They aren't bad people. Granted, I don't know any who have hunted lion, but given the opportunity, they may. It's the benefit of having opposable thumbs, I guess. It's being able to stay at the top of the food chain. I don't think there's a swarm of lion poachers out there, but I don't live near any lions, so I wouldn't know for sure.

The fact that the lion had a name is kinda silly to me. I mean, for identification purposes, I get it. But I honestly ignored the story for a while because I thought it was a children's tv show character or something. Cecil the Lion? It's kinda demeaning. I wonder if he even wanted to be called Cecil. Perhaps he would've preferred something a bit sturdier, like Thor.

Got a little off focus there. The point is that the man who killed the animal is a man. The lion is an animal. It seems our society doesn't quite understand the difference between one and the other. Human. Animal. There's a difference.

The media, oh boy, the media. Story after story about this lion.

Yet the slaughter of human beings...meh. Organ trafficking, who cares? BABIES. We're talking about tiny humans. Reliant, innocent, completely helpless little babies. That have souls and personalities and emotions and feelings. Human beings, like you and me. Babies with a future. They have beating hearts and tiny feet and little fingers that will never have a chance to wrap around a mama's thumb. Babies that are wanted, if not by their mothers, by so, so many. Babies that, if given a chance, would live long, productive lives. Human beings with potential to do amazing things and

And they are having their brains sucked from their skulls.
They are having their little bodies crushed.
They are being poisoned with saline.
They are being torn apart piece by piece.

They are experiencing pain.

For profit. To fill the coffers of evil, sick, demented people.

Would you believe that not a single one of my left leaning friends has said a word about the PP scandal? I bet you would believe it, because I'm sure those of you reading have had friends stay completely silent about it, too. I thought SOMEONE would say something. Just a little, "Wow," or "This can't be true."

I think perhaps even they know it can't be defended. Although, really, is selling infant parts any worse than murdering them and throwing them away? I say every bit of it is disgusting. They are painting themselves into a corner a bit. By calling these body parts "head" and "liver" and whatever else, surely it makes someone think, "Blobs of cells don't have heads and livers. Humans have heads and livers."

Through all this evil, my faith in God is only solidified. His justice will come. Every story I see just confirms it. Man is not basically good. Man will answer for the evil he's done. It's a good reminder to check myself and be sure I'm not letting the evil creep into my own heart, my own home.

At the end of the day, when I've processed the horrors of what these videos show, I realize just how much I wanted my baby. How badly I miss knowing a new life was coming. Life is precious and every human deserves a chance to fulfill their purpose on this earth.

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