Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blog July30

Day in the life:

9:something- I hear small people.
9:00-9:05- attempt to wake myself up and shake the blur from my vision.

9:05-9:35-Read my Bible and pray and wonder/lament over what has happened to our family/country.

9:35-9:45-check email, Instagram, Facebook-see that it's more crap, different day.

9:45-Hand out tasks as I make breakfast. It's the only meal that I play short order cook. I let them choose, rather than fixing one meal. Mostly because the big two make their own breakfast.

10:00-10:45- eat breakfast, play with play-doh, find batteries for Jude's radio, figure out some issues with my current quilt, help Titus get set up with finger paints.

10:45-11:00- clean up everybody's messes that they've already "cleaned up." Work on grocery list.

11:00-11:30- attempt to put music on Sean's old mp3 player. His taste in music sucks is very different from mine. Give up on music.

11:30-11:45- mentally prepare myself to ride my bike even though it's 95 degrees with 70% humidity. Handle squabbles. Fill water bottle.

12:00-12:35- Ride. It's calming, even with Sean's lame music pumping in my ears. I pass four cornfields, two horses, two miniature donkeys, a handful of neighbors, very few cars. It gives me a chance to focus, to think, to remember, to worship.

12:35- Walk in to cheers of "Mooooom!!!" as if I've been gone much longer than 30 minutes. It's my favorite part of biking, honestly.

12:40-1:10- Chat with my friends. Start this blog post. Think about what else we have to do today. Grocery shop. Library. Gas.

1:15- shower.

1:45- make lunch. Today it was ham and salami sandwiches.

2:45-3:15- attempt to get Jude down for a nap. It's pretty hopeless. Unless he falls asleep in the car, it rarely happens these days.

4:00- run to the library.

4:40- head for groceries with a quick stop in at the PX to see if anything's new. Fort Eustis has a pretty lame PX...

7:30- start dinner, late. BBQ chicken wraps. Sean squirts me with a water bottle as I'm prepping his dinner. While he leaves to run(in the middle of me prepping his dinner), I have the boys help me plot revenge.

8:15- finally sit down to eat. All the while smiling nicely at Sean and sending the boys obvious signals. He wondered about a lot of things while he ate. We all just smiled and asked if he was enjoying his food. We didn't do a thing, but him thinking we did was enough revenge for me. Thanks for the plot, Kim. It worked wonderfully. :)

9:00-9:30- wrangle bedtime stallers. Urge them towards their beds.

9:30-10:00- read from a book of short stories about the sea with Titus and Jude. Who knew six year old boys don't care about mermaids? He could've kept his yawns a little quieter.

10:00- bid them goodnight. Jude went down like a champ. Just as he simmered down, one of the big kids got up to use the bathroom and the circus began.

10:02-10:25- go in and out of Jude's room to no avail.

10:25-10:45- sit on the floor next to Jude's bed and hold his hand til he falls asleep. Stare at his beautiful face in the dim light and thank GOD over and over again for him and his brothers.

10:45-11:10- finish this blog post and go on the hunt for ice cream. 

Obviously, I'm running out of things to blog about. I can't rail against the establishment anymore. I can't stomach watching any more videos involving the slaughter of innocent babies. My ticker can't take reading these stories and the comments in defense of this barbaric practice.

Once upon a time, I did a "day in the life" type books and blog posts. They're kinda boring, but a year from now I'll look back on it and be glad I jotted it down. This has been the best summer ever. I love the sleeping in and lazing about and playing. Today was hoooooot as crap, so we didn't play outside, but it's a norm in our schedule. We were also kinda hiding from the annoying neighbor kids. They have a super jacked up family situation, so I've been very tolerant of them breaking our stuff, but the honeymoon phase is wearing off. They don't leave when we tell them to. They ripped the doorbell off of our house. They are 4 & 5 and they play in my yard and garage, where their guardians can not see them, for hours a day. They're sweet little guys, just rough and tumble and don't have any adult supervision or guidance telling them what's acceptable and what's not. It's funny to watch a five year old sass Sean in his own garage. I've been calling him Mr. Wilson. :)

Oh, Mr. Wiiiiilsoooon!

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