Sunday, July 05, 2015

Blog July5

A few days ago, I braved the barber shop. This particular shop has one employee. Her name is Christina and she is amazing. She is cheap. She is slooooooow. She is popular. 

There is never a good time to go, but I opted to stay with one guy in the chair and one more ahead of us. Of course, as we settled in, another uniform walked in. The guys in uniform get bumped to the front of the line. After haircuts, the boys begged for pocket knives. The problem with the pocket knives they sell on base is that they're not Swiss Army, they're American Army and they're not pocket knives. They're kill a deer, hide it in your boot, slay a terrorist type knives. So we had that argument...
 Then went to the Michael's instead. I thought perhaps a nice bucket of clay or paint by number might sway them to get crafty. Pfffft. Silly me. 

Even this little man cub refuses to hold my hand now.
 I did spy these adorable coffee mugs and am shamelessly posting them here should anyone need an idea of a spontaneous gift to send me. The end. Just kidding. I'm going back with all of my children and a 40% off coupon for each. I'm gettin' these suckers. 
"$35 for the set," I said to Simon.
"No, it would be $30. They're $5 and you only need six of them," he replied. 
"There's seven of us," I reminded him. 

We came home, made dinner, pretended to be a dog. 
 Sean insists on running and the rest of us like to follow along and wonder what it's like to run. He graciously, lovingly, smilingly posed for a picture before said run. Family walks/rides through our neighborhood might be my favorite thing ever. 
 Even still, I needed the silence of the lawn mower by the time we got home. I almost wish we had a bigger yard to mow. 

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