Monday, July 06, 2015

Blog July6

Date night. We've been trying to go more frequently. I'd love to be a tad more creative than just dinner out, but sometimes dinner out is all that's needed. Heck, there are days just driving through the neighborhood with nobody needing anything from me would be all that is needed. 

There are no bike trails close by. We looked at an art place, but each class is over $100/person. There's the beach, but...meh. We have to stay close by, so it limits what we can do. I must say having a responsible sitter that we can pay at will has opened up a whole new world for us. 

We've been eating our way through all the local joints. Our latest was Olivia's on Main. I didn't want to be like the lady beside us or the other lady beside us, so I tucked my phone away and paid some attention to my date. As the lady next to us ate her soup with one hand while scrolling her phone with the other-as her poor husband tried to make conversation, Sean said, "Yeah, thanks for not doing that." 

I did get this one gem...Dork. :)
 And he got this one. The seafood crepe needed to be documented. Holy moly, I wanted to lick the plate clean. Seafood crepe!! 
 We opted for coffee instead of dessert. However, when Sean put the latte into his fancy sugar app and told me how many grams of sugar are in it...yeah, next time I'll pick the dessert.

I had him read my super long blog post about losing the baby. We talk about it a lot, but I still feel like sometimes it's easier for me to say things in writing than out loud. I can cry and type. Crying and talking is a whole 'nother thing. I'm not one of those pretty, peaceful criers. 

 I asked the kids to take a quick snapshot when we got home, but all the serious ones made us look yellow and fat, so we decided to have fun. 
 Sean bought me a selfie stick for Mother's Day, but it broke as I was taking it out of the box. I had higher expectations for such a fancy tool...
We're dumb, but we laugh a lot, so I guess it all balances out. 

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