Friday, July 10, 2015

Blog July9

Tonight we went to dinner at a friend's house. She has a gaggle of kids and their backyard is the Disney of Gloucester County. Her husband just got back from a year long deployment and this was the first time all of us were together. It was such a fun night and we're hoping to turn it into a regular gathering.

Simon has come a long, long way with swimming. Funny how just exposing them to water more often than once a year can do that. He was cannon balling and belly flopping and legit diving and front flipping with the best of 'em. 

 And Mr. Titus, who refused to even put his face in the water in February...He kept the jacket on as he was super uncomfy with the amount of rough housing in the pool. Even though the big kids left him alone, he didn't trust 'em. :D 
My Marshmallow man wasn't scared of the water at all. Not even a little bit. 
Sean and I took bets on how long it would take one of the boys to ask, "When can we go to Ms. BJ's again?" They made it twelve hours, but only due to their level of exhaustion. :)

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