Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ten on Tuesday(part1)

What Facebook taught me in July.

-Babies are being slaughtered and sold for parts and it's never going to change.
-Christians are chickens(in the spirit of not offending people).
-A lion was hunted and I don't care. Not really. How much can one really be concerned about a lion?
-Families don't last forever.
-People who scream "You're being judgmental!" are the quickest to judge.
-Joyce Meyer is a fraud.
-Friend and "acquaintance you had once upon a time" are two different things.
-The "like" thumb can become the subject of many inappropriate jokes.
-Nobody posts pictures of their kids anymore.
-Facebook warfare is stupid and doesn't change opinions or the real world one iota.

And some bonus points...

-People suck, especially when they're in Facebook mode.
-The next presidential election is going to be an absolute joke.
-Clearing my page of all posts and pictures was very cathartic.
-I will still post, but will take down my posts after a day or two.
-The media is completely bought and paid for(I already knew this, but Fecesbook only confirmed it).

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