Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Together again.

When I was ten I had a best friend named Sarah. The Air Force parted our ways, but we kept in touch over the years. Twenty years later, via Facebook, Sarah introduced me to Kristine. During our time in Ohio our families became the best of friends. All the kids, even the husbands(seriously, it doesn't always happen). Again, the Air Force parted our ways, but we're keeping in touch. 

The Air Force has placed Sarah and I within driving distance and we've visited a few times. Kristine's family came to visit this past April. We finally had the opportunity for all three families to come together at the same time, same place. But it meant three moms and eleven kids. Who's crazy enough to do that? We are!

 When Felix decided to run between the swinging kids, Sarah and I were able to reminisce about all the ways we could've died on swings. We split our entire friendship between her house and the neighborhood playground.

 And then a few of this gang set off to explore the creek running behind the park. Jude followed. At some point a hive of bees was disturbed. Felix took two stings, Jude took two. I am now a firm believer in essential oils. 
 The following morning, I broke my pinky toe on a bed frame and had to cut our trip short. 
 I am so thankful for these two. I'm grateful that we were able to have this time together. The late night conversations, the digging deep, the marriage arranging. I'm thankful for this circle of friendship that spans many miles and over twenty years. Military friends, if any of your people connect you with their people-let it happen. It makes for the very best part of military life. 

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