Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week In The Life: Day 1

As it's only Monday and I'm already tired of this project, it may become more a "day in the life" type project. That said, I had the thought that I'll look back on these photos next year and say things like, "Look how little Jude was!" and "This was before Titus had lost any teeth." I know that I know that I know I will regret that I took every single one of these pictures with my phone, but what can ya do?
 This cat sneaked into our bed at some point during the night. I didn't feel him or hear him until he stretch punched me in the nose. How he never ends up on his father's side of the bed, I will never know. 
Once I remembered it was Week In The Life week and that there are only so many pictures you can take of a coffee mug, I decided to take pictures of the messes we make every day. Dishes. Breakfast.

The side of the refrigerator that never really clears. The suitcase that we've been stepping over for a week. I never unpacked from our trip to DC, I just pulled out the dirty clothes and left it packed for Asheville. Awful lot of loom fruit in there now. I can't ever tell which ones belong to which kid. Felix jokes about wearing Simon's underwear all the time(usually with my egging him on). I'm going to have to start sharpie-ing names into the waistbands if people don't hit some growth spurts soon. 
After breakfast, we needed to run some errands. While waiting on Dad, the littlest took the opportunity to water the weeds. 
And show me his pedaling skills.
 Our drive into town...two battleships. Crossing the bridge still gets my "I can't believe we get to live here!s" going. 
 We picked a good day to go to the base. Four jets were out playing tag. 
Mr. Simon got his uniform from military clothing. Luckily, we get to run this errand again because they sewed one of the patches on the wrong side. Back across the bridge...
Just in time for lunch. 
Sean and three of the boys ate tuna fish. I told him he smelled like cat food. Tuna fish...barf. 
On call...

A house search for my parents. If my babies want Grandma and Grandpa close, I've gotta find them the perfect house! I'm trying, but VA isn't delivering!! Grr.
 "I take-a pitcher of YOU!"
 It was a second cup kinda day(see? pictures of coffee are boring)...
Playing with the neighbor kids. Playing with Playdoh. 
Tito rescued a dragon fly from a spider. Uncle Jim and Isaac dropped by to pick up Simon for CAP. 

 Simon's departure jogged my memory that I had more errands to run. Jude took the opportunity of the four minute car ride to fall asleep. He was really out. His head bobbed for a few minutes until I gave him a sheet pan to bang on. You'd think I know better, but it's Walmart. My kids being loud in Walmart is just my version of wearing pajamas and slippers to shop. 

 Once again, he showed his preference for outdoor toilets...
Felix got to pull a prank he's been wanting to pull for months(lime jello made with salt + pickle juice). I got to review my Walmart receipt. The cashier accidentally turned off the beeper on her register and she rung up EIGHT containers of $6 cocoa powder. I only bought one. I thought my bill was a little high...Cookies were made. If the nephew is present, I must have chocolate chip cookies. It's nice being needed. 
Amidst all kitchen shenanigans, this guy wanted to blow bubbles. In theory. In reality, he dumps the bubbles after half a second and then gets mad when he can't produce any more bubbles. 
 We had not-quite-Arbys sandwiches for dinner. The boys got home from CAP late. I shoved some food in them all, laughed as they all ate & reacted to Felix's lime jello, had a good chat with my brother, shuffled kids into bed. And that's the end of day 1. 

 Joke of the day(totally made it up myself): What did one corn stalk say to the other? "I'm all ears."
Felix, in complete disbelief, "I didn't know you could make up jokes like that. It was actually pretty good. I'm good at making up jokes, too. I must have your funny genes." 


Melissakay143 said...

Love this great work! I started at day 4 and just had to read each of your posts! Inspiring!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

I am another WITL participant and also loved reading about your Monday.
The comment about Walmart made my day:).