Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week In The Life: day 2(photo overload)

I woke up to this guy kicking me out of the bed. Actually, Jude was kicking him and thus, we were both booted. He worked last night, so I complied. 
 Jude opted to sneak in and snuggle down with a brother. 
 Sometimes I let them watch a show if calm and quiet are needed for the man half to sleep. When did Simon's feet get so big??
 I reached for the big camera early today and I'm so glad I did. 
 Jude insisted on scootching the metal chair(as loudly as possible) out of the way to make place for his tiny one. 
 Then he got mad at me when he couldn't reach the table. 

 He stole Felix's chair when he got up rather than just listen to me and put the big chair back.
 I asked, "Jude, can I take your picture?" and got this cheese as his reply. 
 After breakfast chores. 
 At some point in there, a pot of coffee was made. 
 And the magical powers of the tele stopped working and I booted them all outside. But they kept coming in. Titus for water. 
 Felix for story sharing. 
 All the while I was attempting to read and sip my coffee. 
 & take timer shots, of course. 
 Another interruption for the arrival of their computers!!
 & another. "Mom. Mom. I need sun-theen. I need rain-sins." 
 & another to show me what all the banging in the garage was about. I'm actually quite impressed with his "e" that he made for his favorite person. :)
 I finally pulled out all the stops to keep them outside: water. Which ended in one brother soaking two brothers and wet clothes and grass tracked in and only about seven minutes of somewhat quietness...although, the water bucket was directly under a sleeping Sean. 
& he's up! The boys were a little overly eager to have him try the jello. He figured out pretty quickly that something was up, but he tried it anyway. 
Then Felix downed a dose of his own medicine. 
I put Dad on duty and went for a shower. 
He tends to ignore the making of the bed when he's been on night shift and he nevereverever opens the curtains. I swear, he's a vampire. 
My lil jewelry dish-I have three. I kinda love them. 
Once downstairs, Titus came in entirely more calm than I would've been. He ran up on a snake when throwing away the computer boxes. Felix reported, "He screamed really loud. Like a girl." Grandpa later said, "Make sure you tell Titus that when the scream comes out like a girl, it's God's sign that you should run quickly."
Once he processed the shock, he was a little upset. Jude(somewhat roughly) wiped away his tears.

 And then they spent the next twenty minutes googling snake pictures and videos. 
I'm in love with the interaction of it all. 

 In my little coffee/gathering nook, we have a few baskets. This bag has been sitting in one of the baskets since June. It's got a few outfits in it that I bought for the baby. 
Yesterday made two months. As I mentioned it out loud, Sean asked, "Are you okay?" And suddenly I was not as okay as I have been for at least a week. But it was a good, short, cleansing cry. I tucked the outfits back into the bag and left it there to sit. I'll eventually deal with it. 

 Fart noises began when Simon mentioned that all he wants for Christmas is a phone. "I need it! For when I'm at CAP." My reply was a fart noise. Felix said it could've been better and spent the next fifteen minutes schooling me on the art of fart. 
His favorite outfit of late. 
 Tito discovered a pair of 3d glasses. 
 Jude took some "pitchers."
 Sean reviewed his schedule and told me it's looking better for Sept-Oct. I'll believe it when I see it. 
I sensed he was dragging his date night feet, so I bolted for the library.
& came out to this...
We made it to Patriot's Grill, despite the storm.

& then Target. After seeing myself in some of yesterday's pictures, I decided I've reached the skin-age in which makeup is no longer optional. Sean helped me pick out some lip liquids,

& then redeemed his man card on the razor aisle. And might I just say, "Hello, hotness. Can I squeeze your biceps?"
 I wandered into stationary and then the clearance aisles, where he found me looking at suitcases. Yeah. He whistled at me and made me blush. Then dropped hints about matters of dog. 
As I mentioned the dogs are actually for the kids, he said...Quote of the day: "If we get them for us, but the kids have to take care of them, it's a win-win." I knew it. As we discussed his and her collars to go on our his and her pups, I asked, "Should we get the bow tie collar attachment for Gus?" He was dead serious, "Yeah, but only for special occasions."

What's squishier than a marshmallow??

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