Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week In The Life: day 5

Because of my mid-fight coffee at 5pm yesterday, I was up pretty late playing with pictures. As Sean was sleeping well, I didn't want to wake him up by climbing into our bed and watching Psych reruns on the iPad. So I snuggled up on the couch, knowing Jude would probably join me at some point in the night.

Lo and behold, I woke up with no right arm and Sean tapping me on the forehead. "Have a good day," he whispered. "I love you." And a smooch on my forehead. I think? I was pretty out of it. Out of it enough not to realize Jude had been laying on my arm for who knows how long and amputation may be needed.

As the scene reentered my mind while I made coffee a few hours later, I smiled. That's how Sean wakes up his patients. With the tapping on the forehead and calm voice. I hope to God he doesn't give them a kiss or ode of love. That's just for me.

No snapshot of it, but the big picture is certainly there.

For breakfast, I had a bagel and fruit like a normal person. Felix had leftover penne and sausage. "What? For breakfast?" I asked. "I'll eat pasta anytime!" Simon had leftover mashed potatoes and chicken. Jude jumped on those bandwagons and had a little bit of everything. Titus started out with normal breakfast food and then whined about not getting a smorgasbord like his brothers.
Breakfast banter: "Take a pitcher, Mom. I hold 'im still."
A blurry couple, but the laps this kid runs through the house...and the loving big brother waiting at the end. 
Playing puppies. I can't wait to give them REAL PUPPIES!!! Soon. So, so soon. My sister is getting a littermate of my fur babies. Consequently, Sean said if I refer to them as 'fur babies,' he's getting rid of me. Anyways, Niki's getting a boy pup(Wilbur-I don't care what you name him, I shall call him Wilbur. Didn't we have this conversation when I picked the name Felix?) as her previous selection died. Already having two dogs herself, you wouldn't think my sister would be so excited about a puppy. She's worse than me. She's worse than a teenage girl at a One Direction concert. Is One Direction still a thing? She texted me a picture of her puppy yesterday. No words, just the photo. It's also her profile picture and screen saver. It's kinda hilarious. Her and Sean both, hilarious over this whole puppy thing.
Jude didn't like that Titus was holding his head still. :) He does a great "annoyed" face.

After breakfast, the kids went out to play with the neighbors and I got busy painting the rest of the little boys' room. Jude helped. A phone call from my dad in the middle of it to set up an appt with his realtor to see two houses.
 I'm so jealous of the view. SO jealous. We live on a lake, too, but it's not as nice as this one.

The first house is the winner!! They're putting a lot of faith in my opinion and (hopefully) putting in an offer to be our neighbors! Not literal neighbors, but when you're out on the peninsula, everybody's your neighbor. :)
Jude hugging me when I got home. He always welcomes me home with a hug and a, "Mommy HONE!" Simon also met me at the door with the news, "Mickey called. Gerry made it through the procedure just fine."-More on that story later. Sean is supposed to write it all down for me so I can blog it. 
I sent the kiddos back out to play while I finished up the painting. My paintbrush was wet, so it gave me opportunity to shoot another thing that never changes.
Our downstairs bathroom. The kids' paintings cover up many missed nail holes, but the big flower falls off the wall every single time I use the hair dryer. Without fail. The little shelf over the toilet is one of my favorites. It feels all beachy.
A new kid joined the neighborhood gang. I've noticed my kids don't particularly like some of the neighborhood kids, yet they still jump at the chance to play with them. How odd. They'd rather play outside with annoying kids vs. staring at a screen? Funny how that works. Titus was outside all day, without socks, in wet shoes; he came in screaming about blisters. He learned that lesson the hard way. 
Every time I'd go out to check on 'em, Jude would follow me out in nothing but drawers that don't even belong to him. Poor Titus. Now the neighbor kids know he wears Angry Bird undies...and that his brother borrows them. He didn't seem to mind too much.

 Toddler. Simon said, "Man! That was a brand new roll!"
He also said his shoes weren't dirty. The black tread prints all over the top of the white dresser beg to differ.
Then came the fun part, decorating! I pulled everything from around the house and out of closets and storage. It was so fun to put it all together.
 LtoR: Simon drew that in Kindergarten, I think. He also painted the key. The porthole is from a consignment store. The two 9x9's are Titus watercolors from the Ohio time period. My friend, Jude, gave my Jude the 12x12 lyrics and the whale art. My kids were all so fascinated by that whale. "Is she FAMOUS? She could SELL that!" :D
 I was hesitant to take a picture of the crib for many reasons. Normally, like Titus's bed, it's much more put together. Pottery Barn sheets, handmade quilt, matchy and coordinating. But the bold colored quilt and not-as-cute-as-I-first-thought vintage crib sheet have stories behind them. The vintage snoopy sheet I got at a yard sale with my Aunt Marti in Michigan when Jude was a bitty, ole thing. Fifty cents and a day of memories with my favorite Aunt. South, ya'll just don't DO yard sales like the Midwest. It's an embarrassment to the whole region. Nobody wants Granny's old wheelchair toilet seat attachment. Nobody wants your old Nascar crap. Nobody wants your cobwebbed, garage stored window frame dividers. Midwesterners put out the good stuff. All that to say, that's where I got the sheet. 

The quilt, ugly as it is, came from my Grandma Watson. She was a lifelong quilter. She made beautiful quilts and taught me the art. I am so very thankful that she took the time to teach me. She made quilts for each grandchild as they got married. Due to the timing of my wedding surrounding health issues, I didn't get one. She gives one to the first child born to each couple and I did get one of those for my boys. Unfortunately, it's incredibly girly-yellow, pink, flowers, butterflies, Sunbonnet Sue in the middle square. She died when I was pregnant with Jude. I at least got to tell her he was a boy and his name. After she passed, my Aunt Lorie sent a box full of all the old letters and pictures I'd sent her over the years. It also contained some trinkets for the kids, some baby outfits and this quilt. She saw it at a craft show and liked it. I really don't like the look of the quilt, but because of the thought behind it, I love it. 
 As the moving man mentioned when we were unpacking, "He's a lil big for a crib, ain't 'e?" Yeah, so? Until Sean feels like designing and building another bunk bed, he stays in the crib. And by "stays" I mean he begins the night in his crib. He's fully capable of climbing in and out. 

I hung a shelf for trinkets. A Herbie, a ceramic Bug, a Mickey hat I got at Disneyland when I was pregnant with Titus. Then there's a little silver duck bank that a friend gave me for Jude, monogrammed and all. Another porthole and Tito's cast. Below that is a needlework scene my mom made when I was born(is that right or am I making that up, Mom? Who cares? I'm the baby. Everything was for me!), and a music box airplane that plays "Fly Me to the Moon." I found that at Sean's Pop Pop's. It's one of my favorite things. 
 On T's side of the room: A picture of him last year and one as a baby. A dollar store chalkboard with a die cut US stuck to it. A piece of wrapping paper from Paper Source. Yet, another porthole, an old airplane ad. A hook and a letter T from Hunt & Gather in Minnesota. 
 Two last prints that needed a home. The giant 3 is a Hatch Show Print. I had no idea they were all the rage. That sucker has been rolled up, collecting dust for years. And the camper print is from a small letter press shop in Nashville. 
It was fun to walk down memory lane . To think of all the people who have contributed to this little collage and all the places we've been to collect these things. Titus walking in and said, "WOW." Jude gave the cutest, exaggerated, "Oooooh myyyyy goooossss."

Mickey calls to make sure Simon gave me the message. Huge sigh of relief knowing Gerry made it through a stent placement just fine. He even gave God the glory. I'm telling you, the story is awesome and I can't wait to share it!!

I never stopped to eat lunch. I looked up and it was 4-something, so I texted Sean: Chick fil A for dinner? He replied: Sure. If I'd known he wouldn't be home until 8, we would've eaten without him. He was on back up call. They needed him to come in as a regular day shift guy. He got there at 6 am, worked until 8 pm. Once home, he was still back up call, subject to be called in at any moment. And then goes back in Saturday for a 24hr first call shift. Moral of the story: I'm never having surgery. This is how it works. This is why medical professionals make mistakes. They're freakin' exhausted.

The kids snacked until he got home. All I heard was, "JUDE! Dang. It." from downstairs. 
I never buy marshmallow cereal. We had some at a friend's house and they begged for it. "It's Whole Foods brand! That means it's good for you!" they tried. Yeah. I'm no sucker, but I gave in on this one. You'll notice Jude isn't the only one mining for marshmallows. Not ten minutes later, he upended an entire bag of chips. 
At Chick Fil A, a family entered just before us. "Aw, four kids! Doesn't it always look like such a big family when it's somebody else with four kids?" I asked. "Oh...they have five!" Felix says from the backseat, without missing a beat, "Man, they're blessed." I wanted to end the day right then and there with a nice family hug-sob fest. Yes, blessed. Not stressed, not overwhelmed, not worthy of the entire world's judgement. No need to glare or mock or say stupid things like, "You know how that happens, right?"

A big, happy family with healthy kids. The husband put his arm around the wife while they were standing in line. The kids were all gems while they ate. The dad shuffled the kids into the car about the same time we were leaving. The love was obvious. I wanted to tell them what my boy said, but I was worried I'd sob/snot on them if I got started.

My boys all went to bed easily and without much fuss. Sean said he needed something positive and uplifting, so he conjured up some movie about a blind man with autism who is a piano savant. I took the opportunity to take a few timer shots. This is the last one and I'm laughing because he was saying, "Gah, Chrissy! Enough with the camera!" 
And that was our Friday.

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I love all the stories behind the items you used to decorate the boys' room. Thank you for sharing. It looks great! And how awesome that your parents may end up near you!