Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week In The Life: Is it day four?

I started out the day with no idea what to take pictures of. I woke up with Sean and nothing looks good in 5 am light.

I made us both coffee and oatmeal and we chatted and ate while he got ready for work. Once he was out the door at 5:30, I headed back to bed. I decided to toodle around on Felix's computer to decipher some of their new school. It's not nearly as confusing as I first thought and I am so relieved. I really think the boys are going to like it.

Around 6:15, Jude joined me in my bed. He fell back asleep fairly quickly and stayed asleep long enough for me to read a bit. This kiddo fidgets like crazy, even in his sleep.

As he woke up for good around 8:15-ish, the older boys started to trickle in. We started our morning routine and it was enough to get me clickin'. I decided to document things that I overlook every day. The piles that never seem to find a home, they just get shuffled. The things I've yet to deal with. As I was taking pictures, the boys inevitably gave me plenty to work with.
Piles on my dresser, piles by my dresser. Piles on my nightstand and underneath. My Bible, a book, coffee, a puzzle that hasn't been put together in forever and one lone shoe. 
Heart of gold, my Simon. Always wanting to help.

Also has a heart of gold, but in a different way. He's just fun. Always, always fun. 
 Except when it comes to this guy. The fun one loves to terrorize the tattler. 
 Jewelry, bath toy, vintage medical record, ultrasound pictures that I don't like to look at much as I did a month ago, but can't bear to tuck in a drawer somewhere. She's there, but not on display. My heart can't take it. 

A pile of painting stuff that belongs in the garage. Sunscreen. My seashell lamp. A clay vase that holds odds and ends. A picture of the gazebo in Charleston where we got married. 
A box of baby stuff that I had on ebay, then took off of ebay. Everyday I look at it like, "Well, now what?" So it just sits there. Cloth diapers, wet bags, Ergo. 
Another lone shoe. I don't think I have ever worn these slippers, yet I'm tripping over them(or at least one of them) all the time.
The single sock basket. Sean tells me weekly, "Throw them all away and buy new socks." Do men not realize? That would only solve the problem until the very first pair needed to be washed and the cycle would start all over. 
As I tidied up I kept finding single shoes. Jude has been in the wear-every-shoe-in-the-house phase for a while, but lately...I finally just chucked all the singles down the stairs to be sorted and put in the shoe closet. We have a whole closet dedicated to footwear and yet...
A day that started with no agenda quickly became full. My agendas tend to be spontaneous and the smaller parts that make up the main agenda never seem to flow well. Daily, I feel like the main character in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I'd love to be a character in something deeper, but this is the role I've been given.

Felix was hiding behind the clothes basket, which led me to the laundry room. 
 After a brief pit stop to ask Simon, "WHAT THE CRAP ARE YOU DOING?" Leftover poppers from Fourth of July=pranks on brothers. Of course. After I told him to knock it off, I said, "But let me get a picture first." Of course.
Somehow, the sunscreen that was on my dresser ended up in here. A phone charger(why?!); a donkey(obviously); 3 hermit crab shells; a few legos; a dress that needs to be dry cleaned and probably never will be; cloth diaper inserts(washed two months ago to be sent to someone in California via ebay before I kindly asked if I could reimburse her, I was suddenly, shockingly in need of them); and a pair of jeans that needed to go in the hand-me-down bin a year ago; bathing suit cup inserts.
 If you give a mom laundry, she'll decide to paint a bedroom. It actually had nothing to do with paint and everything to do with me being tired of how sterile the little boys' room feels. Jude helped me out by touching wet paint regularly and pulling up frog tape. 

As I went on the hunt for a paint brush, I heard Simon on his guitar. He happened to be sitting in the best lighting in the house, so...
 His guitar teacher had surgery in June and hasn't called to start lessons up again. I'm torn. This kid has a natural talent that is completely undeniable and I am not saying this as the biased mother. I mean, I am, but others with no vested interest in his future fame have confirmed it(that's a joke). His current teacher told me it's privilege to teach him and that he grasps concepts that he's never seen a kid his age grasp. Great. Now what? He's had four teachers over the years and none have challenged him. It's like they never catch on to what he really has. He does his greatest when he's making stuff up. I need a teacher who can recognize that and run with it. Instead it's like they either want to cookie cutter him into whatever they teach everybody else or they just want to jam with him. On my dime. 

He's ready for a bigger guitar, but we got him an electric guitar for Christmas last year. He's doesn't ask for a new acoustic because he knows we'll make it a present for his birthday or Christmas and to him, it's a waste of a gift. As if a guitar is due him or something. Child, please!
I went back to painting for a bit and Felix came up to show me a picture he took on my phone. Awesome.
 I ran out of frog tape, so we broke for lunch. 
 Strawberries, blueberries, rosemary bread with tons of butter, bacon, chips. 
Dad's home EARLY, what?! He still had work to do, but I could at least get a shower.
Sometimes I like to think of my 'fro as Annie. Except that grown women with Annie 'fros aren't cute. 
Given today's results, all I could think was, "We love you Mrs. Hannigan!" It's a hard knock life, indeed. Bobby pins are my friend. Humidity, not so much.

 Do you have any idea how many times a day I say, "Knock if off, Guys!" or "Get along!" Surprisingly, this wasn't one of those times. They were rough housing with an audience. 

 Titus was blowing kisses from the top bunk. It drives Felix insane when the littles climb up in his bunk. Titus knows juuuuust what to do to ruffle Felix's feathers. 
I started a bit of a squabble with Sean at this point. I wanted him to come to Lowe's with me for more frog tape and he was resisting. I assumed he needed a lil more sarcasm to prod him into action. So we exchanged some words. He ended up coming, but we both wished he hadn't. We skipped Lowe's and I dropped him off at home, somewhat unkindly, and then drove off. 
 While this guy slept, I tried to pull Sean into a text altercation. He did not rise to my bait this time. I called his bluff by calling the house phone. It rings a bazillion times before going to voice mail. He answered, we chatted. I told him we shouldn't be fighting over something so stupid. I tend to forget that he has an insanely stressful job. I don't think about him literally having people's lives in his hands. I just think about him being home from work, yay! Let's do something! Let's power wash the deck! Let's paint! Let's rearrange the garage! Let's take allllllll the shutters off the house and paint them black. Let's tear out bushes! Let's add a brick border to the front garden! Let's change out the back window for French doors! I think I may have actually suggested all of those at some point...this. week. This week. I can't fathom why that would aggravate him so. :)

Anyways, we made up. But I still needed frog tape. 

 and he had to whiz the whole time we were in Lowe's, but we've been working on, "Can you hold it?" Such a fun game of Russian roulette. He made it to our driveway. 
 Where Simon met us and promptly engaged in mowing the lawn. We officially have the same size feet. 
 Mail: An awesome card and a wedding invite. I asked my SIL if there will be dancing at her wedding reception. Given our infatuation with Bugs Bunny doing the whip/nae nae, I've offered the children cold, hard cash if they'll do the whip/nae nae in public, at Aunt Nikki's wedding. Jude will do it, but the others are chickens. Titus said he'd sing it in public, but no dancing. 

 Jude pitching a fit. All I could think of was Beavis and Butthead and all the effort of his tantrum was lost on me. 
I suggested ice cream if the kids were willing to pay. Our local shop only accepts cash. Say what? 

 Slowest ice cream eater EEEEEVEEEEEER.
 I've had a lot of, "What is happening to my child?" moments this week. He's looking super mature and his features are chiseling themselves out and I am not freakin' ready for this. 
 Are you SERIOUS right now?! Dude! 

 This little ice cream shop is a dream. I should hire a real photographer to take our family pictures here. It's our favorite place to indulge and every corner, inside and out, offers endless possibilities. 
 And then this...We pulled a U-ey and Simon took this hanging out of the sun roof. I really didn't want to tweak it much, but I may go back and lighten the sign a tad. This one may end up in a frame. 

 Ice cream cone Joe here needed a bath in a bad way. 

 I ended the day completing taping out the boys' room. Sean was asleep when we got home from our ice cream adventure. Sucker will have worked around 70 hours again this week. AGAIN. I've offered to drag four hungry kids up to floor and go redhead if need be, but he asked that I not. 
 The kiddos all giving me a g'night hug while I upload pictures. 
The littlest one there, he's become a bit of a staller at bedtime. 
Stall number one tonight: "Hold you, Mom?" 
Stall number 2&3: "I need to go pee." Sure.
Stall number 4: Just eyes from the doorway. I felt 'em on me. 
Stall number 5: "Door open!! All. Da. Way. OOOOOPEN!"
Stall number 6: "I have to go poop." 
I was all, "Dude! It better be the biggest turd EVER. I'm serious!"
All I got from Mr. Peebody, "I fart, Mom.<hee hee> It stinks."

What do you even do with that?

So that's my Thursday. I don't know what adventure we'll come up with tomorrow, but I'm enjoying this project slightly more than I'm not, so that's good. I'm loving the desire to use my big camera. It's been fun finding all the good light in the house. This project has pushed me to do other projects around the house-like paint and pick up the piles that never get picked up. It's making me more aware of all the little things and that makes it worth doing. 


mommabear said...

I spotted the radio on the shelf. Love!
You do a lot in a day! I'm thinking we are really very boring.
Poor Sean, healthcare work is a burden and a blessing all wrapped into one.
Felix's reading list is much like C's this year. I'm so glad you told me about Thriftbooks, it saved a ton!
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a perfect example of daily mom life.
That is a really cute ice cream shop!
Simon is indeed looking mature and I can attest he is a very good guitarist.
You aren't allowed to give up on this project. I'm enjoying reading!

Melissakay143 said...

Once again it's me. I feel like a crazy cyber stalker, you don't know me so perhaps it's weird that's my first sentence to you. But I'm so captured by your stories and the way you record your life. Can you please do this project every week? I love the "real" in your writing... Picking fights with hubby... The baby peeing everywhere, but never in a toilet.... It's very inspiring and makes me feel "you're doing it wrong" (in a good way) love it...can't wait til the next post!