Saturday, September 12, 2015


The boys are wrapping up their third week of school. I am so glad we got the kinks worked out and have adjusted to this new method of schooling. I love it. They love it. Their scholarships are banking money. Win-win-win.

Adding puppies to the mix has certainly been...interesting. Looking back to all the shenanigans of the first day with Jude running the show, it's as if there are now three two year olds running the show. It's not awesome.

Guster's nickname is Josh Duggar. Yeah. I didn't realize a nine week old puppy could be so randy. And towards his sister, no less. She is taking his advances less than favorably and becoming increasingly aggressive towards him. I have contacted a local clinic to find out just how early they're willing to nip this thing in the bud. I overheard Felix telling Titus that we have to "take Gus to the vet so they can chop his balls off." Titus asked me as I was cooking dinner last night, "But why do you have to cut them off?!" Perhaps I should've mentioned this is solely a dog procedure.

Remember how I bragged on Ruby for never having had an accident in the house? Yeah, never mind.

I checked out four dog training books from the library. I read, I made the kids read. We've made a few adjustments and I now feel as though I can see straight into a dog's psyche. These dog training books are hilarious. I wonder if dogs have any idea how seriously people take them.

 Does he not look like he's carrying on a serious conversation here?! I could eat him up. I could also offer him up to the hawks that swoop through our backyard periodically. It's equal parts adoration and aggravation around here this week. 

But they're cute. I guess I'll keep shooing the hawks away...for now.

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