Monday, September 14, 2015

Cozy Coupe

This fella found an old keychain of Simons. "I go dribe my car." 
 He wasn't much into posing for pictures, but I got a few. 
 He stopped to get me a "ha-burger."
 "Is at alright, Mom?"

 I told him I needed more ketchup on my burger and some fries.
 It was just a ploy to get him to walk back in my direction. 
 My boy is growing up. This cozy coupe has been through a lot. I want to soak up these days instead of choking back sobs that cozy coupe days will be over well before I'm ready. 


Anonymous said...

So cute!

It happens too fast, doesn't it? I feel like my two were just in the cozy coupe days...


Jude said...

such great photos! Big camera??