Sunday, September 27, 2015

One month of Gus & Ruby

I shall caption this one: "Mondays."
 They both have a bit of a jealous streak. And we're working on OFF. Well, I tell them "off," the boys tell them "down." Either way, they aren't getting it. They are jumpy, nippy little things.
 Gus has figured out which kid always has food residue on his hands. Jude had just finished a cinnamon roll. Gus was loving him!
 "No bite!" is another one he's not getting through his little skull. 
 It could be all the paint he's eating that makes him a little slow to learn. 
 He has figured out "sit," as long as he thinks a treat is coming. 
 Ruby's jealousy...God forbid Gus get a treat before her. 
 She even does breath checks.
 And I laugh every time I catch a snapshot of them when it looks like they're talking. It makes me think of Teddy Ruxpin. 
 Jude interrupted our little photo session by eating yogurt and being altogether irresistible. 
 He got a little spot of yogurt on his nose. 
 Gus took care of it. Which is HUGE as Jude still doesn't like them too close. He'll hold them on his terms, but if they jump on out.

 Ruby jumps down, Gus is still too scared to jump down from any height. Jude thinks it's absolutely hilarious when Ruby jumps down. 
 "Ruby like a kanga-ROO!"
 "I got two goggies," he says.
They are cute. They've been spreading out a bit, exploring further, learning their boundaries. The other day we were doing yard work and they were loose in the yard. A lady and her pup walked by, they stayed cool. A beagle that constantly roams decided to make their acquaintance. Ruby was having none of it. Gus went ballistic. He was making a noise that was more scream than bark. It was crazy! Gus was going nuts running away and Ruby was going nuts running towards this dog that meant not an ounce of harm and happens to be ten times larger than herself. Girl's got gusto. Gus's got nuttin'. That dog...he literally tucked tail and ran as fast as his little legs would carry him.

It happened again today. A neighbor girl came down and decided to honk her bike horn the entire way back to her house. She couldn't hear any of us yelling at her to stop. Gus was following that girl and her horn like the Pied Piper. As the boys went to retrieve him, the neighbor's Lab decided to see what all the fuss was about. He is a good, good dog, but he is all about his territory. I've never seen him leave his yard, but when Ruby stood at the edge of the road and yapped her little yap...he wasn't very tolerant. Honestly, if I'd been him, I would've wanted to take a little wind out of her sails, too. She's very arrogant in the way that Chihuahuas are.

So here come my boys with Gus trotting along beside them and there's Ruby, all four pounds of her, just a yap yap yapping at this 90 pound lab. As Sam, the Lab, comes bolting towards his boundary, Jude starts screaming his brains out. I'm yelling, kids are yelling, dogs are freaking out...and then Sam manages to outsmart his smart fence. The neighbors, quick to pick up on the ungodly noises coming from the cul-de-sac, quickly got ahold of their dog. And I got mine lassoed in with a stern warning to all not to let the dogs out of their kennel without a leash.

I did get to have a nice conversation with the neighbor. She gave me the slow, fading smile, "Wow. You have four kids. Boys! And"

If these are the days, why not make the most of 'em?!

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