Saturday, September 05, 2015

Felix @ Ten

While discussing a potential new car for Sean, I said, "If only we could give up food. Guys, which one of you would give up eating so Dad can afford a new car?"


"How 'bout meat? Do you know how many hot pockets I could buy for the price of one pound of grass fed hamburger? Whadya say, Feefs? Can you live on hot pockets?"

"I like meat. And besides, what is a hot pocket?"

My elbow hurt from all the patting of my own back that was going on. Mom win.


He is my feeler.
He is my first to laugh.
He is my first to not know how to take a joke.
He is my most emotional, in every way.
He is also my toughest, physically.
He is the best when he's sick.
He never, ever complains.
He is really good at reading moods.
He is empathetic and sympathetic.
He is loyal.
He is hilarious.
He is so freakin' adorable.
His hair is the easiest.
He doesn't care about clothes.
He is messy.
He is wicked smart.
He asks the toughest questions.
He makes us think.
He shocks us.
He is so mean to Titus, yet they can be best buds.
He is so sweet to Jude.
He and Simon have reached a new realm in their relationship and they are 90% buds.
He loves his puppies.
He loves Minecraft.
He is quick to figure out complex things.
He loves to read.
He hates to write.
He still hates sour cream and avocados.
He loves spaghetti.
His favorite person on the planet is still Emily. I just looked at his birthday post from two years ago and most of these haven't changed-including his BFF. :)

Six days old: Florence, SC
One: Phoenix, AZ
Two: Seattle, WA
Three: Charlotte, NC
Four: the (thankfully short) season of his finger trick. San Antonio, TX 
I really need to get the uncensored version in a frame. It ought to be on a t-shirt, really. Definitely framed in the entry foyer, at the very least. 

Five: San Antonio, TX
Six: San Antonio, TX
Seven: Rockville, MD
Eight: Dayton, OH
Nine: Dayton, OH
Ten: Here. Home. Forever.

These posts are such a love/hate thing. I remember so vividly living every single moment of the day these pictures were taken...


Fleurztael said...

Happy Birthday Felix!

Sylvia Coffey said...

Happy Birthday Felix!

mommabear said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Felix!

Jude said...

I love that kid. He and Em... two peas in a pod!
These pictures are making me tear up.