Sunday, October 11, 2015


"I-ant to pet him. His 'hear' is like a goggie." Jude, while waking up Titus. Perhaps it's time somebody got his 'hear' cut. That has nothing to do with my birthday, I just don't want to forget the moment. :D

My birthday celebration began around my brother's birthday, actually. His is the 6th, mine is the 10th. My parents are part of the Halfpap club, too. ;) Our friends have four littles; three have October birthdays.

I was able to surprise Jim with a cake and had our sister and fam FaceTime in to sing.

My birthday was awesome. I started receiving suspicious packages a week ago. A Lodge skillet from Jude's namesake. 
Some packages from another friend that I opened before she could tell me to wait until my actual birthday. :D

No lie, I had been looking at fabric to make an apron the day I got this package. The original haircut is all that's wrong with this picture.

This is the picture I brought with me, by the way. You can see the "fixed" version in the later pictures. Obviously still not quite right, but I'm hoping it'll grow out into this. 

The night before my birthday, Jim had me over for dinner and cake. He wouldn't let me help, so Jude, Titus and I played in his backyard. 
Yes, this is his backyard. So, so, SO beautiful!!

Who wants cake?!

My brother told me at dinner that Simon had called and asked him to take him to the bank. Simon wanted to trade in all of his 1/2 dollars so he could buy me an extravagant birthday present. Still not sure what present he had in mind, but Jim(thankfully!) talked him out of it. 
Jim told me, "You've got an awesome kid. He wanted to trade in his treasure for his treasure." TEARS.

Because I'll take any excuse to eat donuts, we opted for our local joint on Birthday morn'.
I ordered myself a mocha latte and the boys all had hot chocolate. I'm 99% sure Jude's and my drinks were switched. Thankfully, he didn't eat the donut. THAT on top of a mocha may have done me in, energy wise. I was dragging, he was ready to climb mountains.

A delivery came mid-afternoon. My beloved outdid himself this time. I had told my friend that morning that I was hoping he'd send flowers. "Wouldn't you rather have him take you out when you get home?" she asked. "I'd rather have both," I answered. :)
The florist note that he sent filled up the front and back. Nevermind that it was the florist's handwriting, his heart wrote the words and they were perfect. 
For dinner, the boys took me on a date. 

One of my dates had to have my help tucking in their shirt. 
One of my dates was wearing pull ups. 
One of my dates took a solid thirty minutes tying his tie. 

They had minimal guidance from their Dad. I did mention that dates require dressing up, combing hair, and smelling good. Doors are to be opened by the gentleman and chairs pulled out for the lady. As their father had already provided the flowers, they were off the hook there, but they did pay for the meal with their own money. 

At home, Felix got my door. 
At the restaurant, Titus beat him to it. 
We arrived to an empty porch and live music at one of our favorite restaurants. Patriot's Grill in Gloucester. The owner is the sweetest and their bread pudding is amazing. 
Girl was good! I requested "Hey, Jude," of course. 
It was all fun and games until her fan club showed up. I'm all for people having the freedom to smoke, but I surely do not enjoy smelling cigarette smoke when I'm trying to eat. Especially not when it's being purposely blown in our direction. Not at us, but at a girl that was sitting close to us. Her date was puffing his breath in her face. It was so obnoxious. 

Speaking of obnoxious...I told one of my dates that if I was his actual date, I wouldn't return his phone calls after the way he acted. Not a minute later he told me, "You're just like the sunset...beautiful," and I told him he'd redeemed himself. 

Jude kept dumping pepper on napkins. 
Titus kept balancing his plate on his head. 
Felix kept pinching his nose so his nostrils would stick together and then inhaling loudly while going cross eyed. 
Simon had a pretty apparent bad attitude towards some of his brothers that he was not successful at hiding. 

Food cured them all. Before dessert, I asked that we move inside because it was cold and none of my dates had coats big enough for me to steal. I did tell them that it's smart to wear layers on dates, because if their lady gets cold, it's up to them to shed a jacket or shirt. 
Jude fell asleep on our date and missed all the stellar advice his brothers were handing out. 
Simon asked, "So, Mom, what do you think is a good date car? I'm thinking about a BMW Z8."
I answered, "'re going to want to buy a car that leaves you enough money to take your girl on dates."
Felix said, "So like a Nissan Quest?"
Simon replied, "Yeah, and you'll have to tell your date, 'Don't wear heels! You might have to push!'"

Minutes later as one of the brothers farted loudly and I reprimanded, "That is NOT something you do on dates!" the other brother ended the date with, "You're never getting a girlfriend!"

I beg to differ. The disgusting one is the most romantic. He said earlier in the day, "You know what! I don't care if Titus does tell ______ that I love her! That's just breath I don't have to waste!" How romantic...? 


Jude said...

I am so glad your day was so awesome! I LOVE everything about the date night. Such fun and wonderful memories. Love those boys too. Good job mama :)

Jude said...

PS the hair does look shorter than the photo, but it is super cute on you!!! I love it!

Fleurztael said...

What a phenomenal date! I absolutely loved everything about it! The flowers are also gorgeous! All of your men did well!

Anonymous said...

Your date was so sweet! Your guys did so well, I am very impressed! Thanks for sharing it with us.