Saturday, October 10, 2015

GHS parade.

We aren't really parade people. I've always wanted to be that mom that gets up early and makes it to the small, local parades. I've failed at that. As it turns out, we move a lot and I never know about small, local parades until after the fact. It helps to have an insider.

My nephew mentioned a parade a while back. There was one he was supposed to participate in a few weeks ago and it was canceled due to weather. Someone, I got the two parades combined in my mind. So when he called while we were at Rosewell, I was a little nervous we wouldn't make it in time to his high school homecoming parade.

He told us it was at 5:00. Plenty of time. At 3:40 he called back and said it was at 4:00. We made it to Main Street and got a pretty sweet parking spot. I figured it must've been a small parade that nobody knew about. As it turns out, I was simple early. Very early. The street filled up pretty quickly. No biggie. It was a beautiful day and Main Street is a beautiful street. Other than Jude repeatedly setting off the car alarm while he played on my lap, everybody was fine chilling in the car.

By 5:30, we finally saw the beginning of the parade. Now that my kids know parades involve candy throwing, we'll probably be in attendance a bit more often.
 See the giant white dog? Jude kept saying screaming, "Hold me! Polar bear gonna get me! Polar bear gonna EAT me!"

 Not sure what this mascot is. I think it's a Duke? I initially thought it was a pirate, but my perception was a tad skewed as he attempted a high five with Jude. A screaming Jude literally climbed me. Scaled right up the front of me like a cat. 

 Luckily he chilled by the time the main attraction marched by. My nephew happens to be the sharpest looking kid in the bunch. He needs to teach the other guys how to keep step. My goodness, what a bunch!

 I couldn't see what I was capturing as the sun was all up in our business, but I actually kinda like these. 

 Only in Gloucester would trucks be a main attraction in a parade simply because they have big tires and rev loudly. 
 Jude was still pretty worried about the mascot coming to get him. Not worried enough to refrain from scrounging on the street for tootsie rolls, but worried enough to grab "Unca Je-yum's" hand when the tootsie rolls were all collected. 

 He's a nice guy, that Unca Jeyum. 
 "Why are we going to a parade?" Titus asked.
"Because it's Isaac's parade," Felix explained. 
I think Titus may actually believe it was a parade in Isaac's honor. 
Considering he was the only reason we went, they're right. 
Good times, good times. 

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