Sunday, October 18, 2015

Not today, Satan.

Ah, Sunday.

We woke up bright and early. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfectly Fall. Three quarters of the boys were dressed for church and fed. I got a shower and had coffee brewing with 40 minutes to spare. There was no way we were going to be late today.

And then I remembered it's Sunday.

I only had Judelet to dress. Given the chilly weather, I had the perfect sweater in mind. As it turns out, it's his only sweater. Somehow, an entire bin of 3T clothes is missing. I could've sworn I just saw those clothes, yet now they are *poof* gone.

My mind's eye knew that sweater was in his middle drawer. He's never even worn the sweater and it has resided in that drawer since my Gap clearance shopping spree in March up in DC. I went right to the spot it should've been and it was not there. I searched the drawer again. And then again. And the drawer above it and below it, just in case. Then I searched Tito's drawers because he tends to just shove stuff in there. Titus's side of the dresser would be the logical place for a misplaced sweater. Not there either. I searched and I searched and I searched in every nook and cranny of those four small drawers. I searched the big boys' room. I searched the laundry room. I even searched the donation basket and hand-me-down basket, just in case. I searched for a solid thirty minutes.

I got mad. I felt myself going down a bad road when I yanked all four drawers out of the dresser and upended them in the middle of the little boys' room. Still no sign of the freaking sweater. I gave myself a quick "get it together, Amport," and yelled out, "Not today, Satan. Not today!" and abandoned my plan for the grey sweater.

We ended up at church ten minutes late, but all were fully clothed. Felix was in two forms of plaid, even, and they matched so perfectly that it deserves some sort of documentation. He did end up in his brother's pants, but that got an, "Eh, who cares?" from both brothers.

My precious little has decided it's hilarious to pee his pants now. He also thinks it's awesome to announce, "I have to go pee pee!" loudly, and with an audience. He managed to hold his liquids at church all day. He managed to hold his liquids while shopping. He managed to hold his liquids through a nap. While playing outside. While eating dinner.

Jude decided just as I'd gotten involved in cleaning up the mountain of clothes to relieve himself. At least he kept it off the carpet. This phase is courtesy of dad's TDY, I assume. Just another thing I'd like to publicly thank the military for. Go blue. I'm totally joking. Not biting the hand that feeds us. As I started in on all the ways he's a big boy and big boys don't pee their pants, I got the bathwater running. He loves baths. I'm thinking this positive reinforcement after he pees himself could be part of the problem, but what else am I supposed to do? It wasn't until I put his towel on the towel rack that I noticed the stinking grey sweater.  Right there for ALL to see! Hanging bold as Dallas on the stupid towel rack. Every single one of us had walked passed it this morning. Such is life. Such are Sundays.

As the grey sweater had been found and I still had a pile of clothes to deal with, I decided to seek out the missing tub of 3T clothes. I hit a church yardsale in DC when Titus was in 3T, so I knew there was a whole wardrobe of winter 3Ts somewhere in my universe. While shuffling away the summer stuff, I found the whole tub in the attic. I must've forgotten how old two of my children are and ignored them when pulling out winter clothes last week. Even now, I can't reconcile how Titus could possibly be in a 7 and Jude in a 3. That's just not right.
 Speaking of hand-me-downs...Titus was wearing one of Isaac's old shirts and vests. It's one of my absolute favorites. I can't believe it ever fit Isaac and I can't believe it already fits Titus. It freaks me out thinking how quickly the big one grew from the size of the little one.  
Jude wearing a shirt Titus got right before his third birthday. My goes fast. If you're on your first kid, I suggest you splurge on the better me. :)

1. It's worth the extra couple of bucks.
2. That said, retail is for other people. Clearance is King.
3. Boys do not need to be dressed in crap simply because they're dirty all the time.
4. Boys will destroy the knees on all pants from the age of 3-12. Still, knees on elastic waste pants look dumb. Get the good jeans and learn to like the way ripped knees look.
5. Hand-me-downs will allow you to relive happy memories(and save loads of cash!).
6. And, no, you're next one will not be a girl. It's a lie. 

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Fleurztael said...

Haha that last one is for me lol. I pulled out hand me downs this morning for church too. It was nice and cold and I looked until I found one of Ty's old sweaters that went to his cousin and back to us. I love it! I give away all of Ty's clothes and get happy when they sprinkle back in.

I am tempted to keep some on hand now though considering how fast Titus is growing up.