Saturday, October 10, 2015


These pulled up on my screen and I was like, "Hello, Justin Bieber."
 My mind argued with itself, "Uh, no. This kid actually has talent." Zing.
 Enter piccolo(or is it a flute??) music...what do you mean? 
I mean, this kid knows he doesn't have to walk around with his dab hanging out to get attention. A note to anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about: don't worry about it. Certainly don't google it. 

Obviously, someone recently switched my radio station. It's the only reason Justin Bieber is on my radar. His "new" song is lame. I don't understand why the radio stations play it eighty million times a day. I don't understand the piccolo(or is it a flute??). 


 I tasked the Biebs to wash my tires. He was all into for about a minute and a half. 
 His little sidekick, though, was a big fan. He washed my tires, his tires, the rose bushes, his shoes...
I'm so glad I grabbed my camera. :)

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Jude said...

that face in the fist photo... ♥♥♥