Saturday, October 10, 2015


Rosewell Plantation Ruins is one of Gloucester's claims to fame. Built in 1725, it was once touted to be the grandest home in Colonial America. It has an amazing history! We finally made the trip out. It's a whole ten minutes from our house. It is definitely a hidden gem. 
 They have a nice little visitor's center with a docent who knows her stuff. Thankfully, the only other visitors on Thursday were leaving just as we were getting there and we had the whole place to ourselves. I'm wondering if the docent feels as strongly about our new friendship as I do. I didn't ask for her phone number or anything, but...we're tight. I'm joking. She was very friendly, though, and if two of my children hadn't been playing "Gotcha last" around the priceless pieces of history, I would've stayed and chatted the whole day away. 

I wanted to give her a fist bump when she called Jude out with a, "Hey! Knock it off! Your mama is trying to talk." He straightened right up. 
 She mentioned some legends that go along with the Ruins to the tune of haunted-ness and spirits looking for resolution. Titus wasn't loving the idea, yet he was the first to notice the path behind the house. "Let's go for a walk!" he suggested overandoverandover. Heeeeeck no. The docent said eleven slaves died in a kitchen fire and are seeking justice; and a little girl that appears in several old pictures is a child who supposedly never existed. I'm not wanting to find out if there's any truth to these stories. Kid ghosts are the scariest. I can't outrun a spirit. Titus played my own words against me, "You said there's no such thing as ghosts!" Well...

 The boys have taken to using extreme tactics to get Jude to look at the camera. They know the faster everyone cooperates, the sooner I'll put the camera away. Instead of letting me do the coaxing or simply waiting for him to look my way, they'll say things like, "Look Jude! There's a bird on Mommy's head!" 

On this day, it was, "Look Jude! There's a squirrel behind Mommy. It's gonna GET HER!" I also heard them tell him, "You better come over here or the squirrel will EAT YOU!" 
 Their tactics backfired. An actual squirrel appeared and that was the end of (peaceful) picture time. 
The two year old now has an extreme fear of adorable forest creatures. 

If any of you like history, look it up: Rosewell Plantation.

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This place looks amazing!