Sunday, October 11, 2015


I'm not one of those moms that reads to my kids every night. I read to them a lot, but not every night. We go through spurts, it ebbs and flows. Sometimes the cards don't fall right. Sometimes I have four kids that refuse to do what I say. Sometimes I have four kids that aren't willing to go to bed before sunset(that's a joke). Sometimes I have four kids, period. Sometimes I have one kid who doesn't want to bed down for the night and that one unwilling kid can get the others on board with his devious plans. Sometimes dinner doesn't happen until late, thus pushing everything else back. Sometimes I don't flippin' feel like reading. Sometimes I've given so much during the day that I want to rush through bedtime and turn inward for a minute before collapsing. 
Sometimes I look up and realize I only have two littles left to read to. Sometimes I don't let Titus see the page, preventing him from reading ahead. Sometimes I'm selfless, even after dinner runs late and bedtime runs late and I just want them to go to bed. Sometimes they're so into the story that all our worries of the day melt away. Sometimes the two year old gets so engrossed in the story that he talks about it for days. Sometimes it's magical. And it's those nights that make me want to read every night.

Usually I sit on the floor to read. Titus will brush my hair if he knows I'm getting ready to wrap it up. Jude plays an excellent me. My voice is a little deeper, though. And the dog in the book we're currently reading is named "Tornado," not "Tomato." :)

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Anonymous said...

So sweet! Those years pass by so quickly, don't they...