Monday, November 02, 2015


I read some comments on a blog the other day that were more than discouraging. The comment was talking about how stupid blogging is and how all these blogger personalities are fake. I get that. I stopped reading blogs of people I don't personally know many moons ago. I applaud people who made a go of blogging and got famous somehow. Good for them for not having to get a real job. I mean, really, why hate them for winning the job lottery? I ain't mad atcha.

I do realize blogging is a dying hobby. All of the friends I made via this blog have since stopped blogging. I've closed the blog down a time or two, but I'm not quite ready to end it for good. Whenever I go digging and find a picture of Feefs as a baby or a post about things Simon said when he was the same age as Titus, I'm reminded why I ever started this thing in the first place. So maybe blogging is on the way out. Maybe this form of social media has been replaced by pithier methods. I do still prefer using full sentences to get my point across. I don't use Facebook as a memory keeper. Ain't nobody got time for digging through Facebook posts to find something funny, and so I blog. Still. For now.

Lame? Maybe. I'm not trying to be a "Mommy Blogger" whatever that means. Is it as horrid as it sounds? Is it, like, somebody with a baby who gives advice to all the other moms who don't want it? Is it a mom with a nanny whose kids always look like mini hipsters? I can't stomach advice from other mothers. Jude was reaching for a toy the other day and I had a lady tell me (as she looked on with a condescending smile), "I usually let mine hold it while I shop and then take it away at the register."

Apparently, my look said what I was thinking: "How does that work out for you? Well?" My mouth only said, "Yeah, I've tried that before." Thankfully, I didn't have to eat my words (that time). Jude took no for an answer (that time) and we ended the shopping trip peacefully(that time), with no toys toted around the store or purchased. All that to say, I don't read advice blogs or take advice from random strangers in general.

I write here as a way to keep my family updated. I write here as a reference for Project Life. I write here because if I'm away long, my fan club calls(grandparents) and asks why pictures of the kids are being withheld. I write here because my kids are funny and my memory bank is broken. I write here as a personal priority. It's like any other hobby. It's important to me and so I attempt to make it happen. Just like my memory books. They're kinda cheesy, but my boys like them, so why not? I heard a comedian once say something about finding out a friend was a scrapbooker. The audience laughed with mockery, but what's wrong with memory keeping? Some people knit, some people sew, some people drink heavily...whatever gets you through motherhood, I say!

On with the point of this post! Funny stuff my people said this week...

As I was buckling Jude into his seat a few days ago, he wrapped his arms around my neck and said, "We are two brothers. Let me hug you." 
I replied, "You're so cute!" 
"Yes, I am."


In the kitchen, while wrapping up breakfast. 
Felix to Titus, "Don't ever waste your money in wishing wells. They are a waste of money."
"What have you wished for?" I asked him. 
"Oh, I've wished for a lot of things and they do not come true," whispering conspiratorially, brows raised.


Simon pulled his math grade up an entire letter grade with a 100 on a big exam. I reached over to give him an enthusiastic high five and knocked my almost full coffee over. 
"Well, it wasn't worth all that," he said. 


Jude is all about play phones right now. He loves calling people and involving anyone and everyone in his conversations. He smashed the phone up to Simon's ear and sweet big brother played along. 
"Are you coming to arrest Jude? Jude! They're coming to arrest you!" he said with a gasp. 
Jude snatched the phone out of his hand with attitude and said, "I'm calling dem back!"


While referring to their uncle, one of my children said, "He has, like, a 1930's phone!" 
It's just not a smart phone. They cannot fathom that flip phones were once all the rage. They really can't fathom the thought that once upon a time their ole ma 'n pa lived in an age without cell phones. How I wish for their sake they could know what it was like way back then. In the olden days of corded telephones and rabbit ears. 


Titus had an assignment in which he had to use adjectives to describe dinosaurs. I prompted him, "Describe the T-rex's teeth." 
"Bananas?" he guessed.
"Um, no. What word would you use to describe teeth?" I asked again, looking for the word "sharp."
"Well, they are yellow..."

I'm not sure if he was talking about me or the dinosaur. 


My beloved was obnoxiously cut off in traffic yesterday. As the car swerved a little to correct it's path, Sean says under his breath, "If I didn't give a crap, I'd run you off the road."

"There's that Jesus shining through..." 

I hope he doesn't turn that line around on me. I give him ample opportunity. :)


The boys go through random "Yo mama" phases. We have hit one over the last few days and they are driving this mama legit crazy. Titus did come out with a knee slapper all on his own. 

"Yo mama's so fat...that's it. Your mom is fat." 

Yep, we do a lot of laughing around here. I'm glad I'm surrounded by funny people. 


Jude said...

I will try and get back into the blogging saddle again ok? Between you and Micah I am getting the squeeze ;)

I love the yo mama joke!

Terrence miele said...

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