Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Christmas memories.

While I was putting together our Christmas cards this year, I managed to dig up some Christmas pictures from years past. I have the ones to fill in 2001-2004 somewhere in a box. Maybe one day I'll dig them out. I don't remember much about our first Christmas(2001) except that we were poor. Our second Christmas brought us Simon(2002). His birthday is one week before Christmas. Pretty sure I didn't send out Xmas cards that year. I distinctly remember the pictures I took for his second and third(2003-2004) Christmas, but I have no idea where they are. For now...

2005: Felix was a smiley, little guy. We were living in Darlington, SC. Simon had just turned three and Felix was three months. 
2006: We'd hit the road the previous summer for travel nursing. We made it home for Christmas and Sean took the entire month off. After that, reality hit and we realized it was either full time travel or throwing in the towel on some pretty drastic decisions. We opted for adventure and hit the road! Our traveling companions were 4 and 1. 
2007: We were in Phoenix, AZ with a 5 and 2 year old, living in an RV like a buncha idiots. Oh my goodness, what fun we had. 
2008: We lived in Charlotte, NC only long enough for Titus to come about. And then...Sean joined the AF. 
2009: San Antonio, TX. Just a few days after this Christmas, Sean got his orders to deploy. Simon was 7, Felix was 4, Titus was 8 months. 
2010: Still in San Antonio, TX. Titus was wiping his sticky hands in Felix's hair. :)

2011: This was right before we left San Antonio. Sean was set to deploy and I was moving to the East Coast. The plan went something like...they were going to cut Sean's deployment short by a few weeks in order to get him back in time to start anesthesia school. Even the AF realized that was never going to happen, so they canceled his deployment. Literally, as the moving trucks pulled way with all of our belongings. Literally literally. They hadn't pulled the big rig through the gates of the storage unit when the phone rang. Funny stuff. These pictures, some of my favorite ever, were taken by my super talented BFF, Kim. We still talk every single day. :) 
2012: Rockville, MD. The boys were 10, 7, and almost 4. I was preggo with Jude and felt about as awesome as I looked. I couldn't remember why for a second. Funny how mama brain forgets such things as 12 kidney stones in a 4 month window. 
2013: Dayton, Ohio. Another favorite, taken by another BFF, Rhonda. Look at that baby!! Look at all those babies. 
2014: Just days away from leaving Dayton. Sean had come home from passing his boards. It's the most legit family picture during the holiday season. Last year is such a blur. I forgot we moved to VA the day after Christmas. I forgot we didn't put up any decorations. I honestly don't even remember if we bought the kids gifts. I think we did...? 

I'll post the 2015 picture(s) when I'm sure everybody has received their Christmas cards. :) I still have a few left. If you haven't sent me your address and want one, let me know!


Corey said...

Love this!! can you believe I've known you for almost all of those pics except the first…and I think we "met" just shortly after the 2nd? Crazy how time flies!

mommabear said...

So fun to look back! Love them all!