Wednesday, December 02, 2015


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. My friend sent me the CUTEST book + project. If you have kiddos, look this one up. It's a precious book and great way to stay focused on serving others. 

I whipped up some stockings last night. I am so proud of how they turned out. I didn't have time for more sewing projects, but I really wanted to make stockings this year. They went smoothly as a whole, but I did have to rip one cuff off the same stocking three times. I cussed a lil bit on the third go. Actually, I was cussing the stocking on the first go. I was fit to be tied by the third. I used the Fabricworm tutorial. It's a good one, but I feel like the batting in the cuff was a bit excessive and made it a pain to sew. My little machine was struggling through all the layers. Thankfully, the finished product is well worth it. The grey deer fabric is sold out everywhere, even online. I'm kicking myself for not buying it out when I found it. It's not often I find super cute boy fabrics. 

The mantle is a bit more done up now...

I wanted an experience when we picked out a tree. Unfortunately, the closest tree farm I could find was in Chesapeake(90 minutes one way, with no traffic. And there's always traffic). So...we went to Lowe's. 
I asked for a picture. Jude didn't want to comply. Imagine that.
My Christmas babe putting the star on the tree. I can't believe he's just weeks away from 13. 
And the dogs. What can I say? Target has dog clothes for $3. I'm a sucker for puffer vests, plaid, and apparently, dog clothing. 

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mommabear said...

Our tree is from Lowe's, too! Lee County doesn't have a single Christmas tree lot. Cute, cute puppies! The stockings look great!