Thursday, December 03, 2015


We didn't do much in the way of Christmas-y today. Simon and I hung garland and lights over the front door, but school gobbled up much of our day. Once Sean was home, it was fishing time. I'm bummed that I didn't follow him to the dock as he fell in the lake. There's a first time for everything and I am so wishing I had that one on film. Apparently he just backed right off the dock while pushing the boat out, flailing and grasping at the air once he realized there was no more dock. I did feel a little bad that I laughed before making sure he was alright. He was fine.
I managed to snag a few pictures of the landscaping some friends helped us manage last week. It was a ton of work, but much needed. Honestly, you can't even tell by the pictures how much work we did. Twenty years of neglected landscaping was conquered in about seven hours over two days by ten people. Once we raked away the leaves that were a foot deep the entire way down the hill, we unearthed what must've been fifty trees in various stages of development. Some of them were taken down with simple yard tools, most had to be chain sawed out of the ground.

Then the boys got in the water. They hauled several large trees and a bazillion little trees out of the water that have been there for a long, long time.

  This left picture is the side we have yet to clear.           The right it cleared down to the dirt.

Our plan is to put a deck in where the giant hump in the ground is. The slope is much steeper than it seems in the pictures. So steep that Jude refuses to walk down the hill, thankfully. Steep enough that tripping over one of the many, many stumps left in the ground can put your butt in the lake. It was pretty amazing that nobody got hurt during our two days of clearing. The big pit by the roots of the felled tree made for a natural bonfire pit. We burned so many leaves! We saved a good bit of the wood to use in our little chimnea and found a ton of cedar that we saved. It smells so amazing. See Sean and Felix on the boat? Felix got the quote of the day for telling Sean, "You're on your way to becoming the best underwater stick catcher." They did snag a bass, but he didn't make it into the boat.  He took a nibble of Sean's fake worm bait, spit it out, and said, "Try again, Sucka."

        This is the cleared side, straight down.                                 And the uncleared side.

This was last month. A bit exaggerated as far as a before picture because all the leaves were still on the trees. However, you can see how straggly the shore was. All those stinking little bushes and low limbs. All gone now. I am so thankful for my friends and their Paul Bunyan boys for getting the job done. The blisters will take a while to heal, but the view is so worth it!! Who wants to go fishing?!


Aron said...

Your view is Amazing!!

mommabear said...

Looks great! Love the lake view!