Monday, December 14, 2015

LUOA Christmas party

We packed up early Friday morning and hit the road with our friends. We were Lynchburg bound for the LUOA Christmas party. My friend has six kids, three of whom are in 5-11 grade. Her other three have already graduated from LUOA and are in college. The three hour drive there was pretty quiet. Most of the kids slept. The ride back...that's a different story altogether.
The entrance had AMAZING light. The sun was reflecting off the floor. 
Almost thirteen. I still choke on the words. 

 This one won't take a serious picture to save his life. 
 When he finally does straighten up, I've given up on camera settings and miss the focus. Awesome.
 His kindred spirit. He refuses to look at the camera nowadays and at least 70% of the time, it's this:
 After lunch and the party, they offered ice skating. They even had skates small enough for Jude.

Yeah. He made it clear to me(and the entire ice rink) that he was not a fan. My friend, who has done this before, was like, "Just go. Have fun with Titus. We've got him." They dragged him for about a minute and then realized what resolve he has to not only pitch a fit, but carry it on with steadfast endurance. 

It's kinda funny because our very first homeschool event, way back in...2009(according to a blog search. I blogged about it) was ice skating. I remember being thoroughly freaked out about how weird homeschoolers were. It became a personal goal to not become one of those homeschool families. I am proud to say, I do not wear ankle length denim skirts. I do not wear a braid to my waist with Aqua Net bangs. I do not own any appliqué sweaters. 

This time was quite different. LUOA has a pretty diverse crowd. I saw a girl with a blue streaked mohawk and a face full of piercings. At one point, as I was falling on the ice with a two year old, I asked her, "Am I in your way?" She gave me an eat ____ and die look and said, "Yes" in a way that makes me think she put a curse on me. Of the hundred or so kids that came to the party(some from as far away as Romania!), they all seemed perfectly...normal. 
After filling our tanks on BBQ and coffee, we headed home with a buncha cranked up kids. I'm so thankful for these friends and this school and this time of our lives. It seems we're reaching a transition and it's not altogether terrible. 

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