Monday, December 14, 2015

Xmas pix

My friend took our family pictures while she was here last month. It pays to have friends who know their way around the back end of a Canon. :)
 It was so freaking cold and windy. Our first destination was covered as the tide had come in. Awesome. 
So we went with option number two. I love this one. I love the bridge. There is nothing like crossing that sucker and knowing we're almost home. We can see Navy ships from the bridge, boats galore, and seeing sunsets from the top makes me thank my lucky stars that I get to live here. 
 This was the Christmas card winner. 
 Only because Simon wouldn't let me use this one. This might be my favorite family picture EVER. Simon's face!! He cracks me up. 

 And we did a few more inside for good measure.
Beth, you are amazing. Thank you, Friend! For so many more reasons than just your mad photo skills.

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mommabear said...

Thank you for the card, we all loved it!