Sunday, January 10, 2016


We've managed to stick with it for ten whole days. 
 We're attempting to read through the whole Bible, as a family, in one year. 
 And I'm attempting to get a picture each day, too. 
 Taken mostly on my phone, so far. 
 But I did sneak my big camera in a time or two. 
 Our living room is dark grey with very low lighting, so...
 this was about the best I could do. 
 The pictures aren't what matters anyway. 
 It's not all holy moments...
 There's some, "Hey, are you guys listening?"
 There's a lot of note taking by this guy. 
 He's all about the underlining and circling and highlighters and post it notes. 
 There's a lot of giggling from this guy. He thinks the genealogies are particularly funny. "So and so begot so and so begot so and so begot so and so..."
 And with his reading skills, he joins in quite a bit. During this reading, he was having trouble with the word "know." He knows the word know, but for some reason he was pronouncing the K that night. Sean corrected him and he argued, "but there's a K." "I know there's a K, it's silent." "...but there's a K." And round and round we went. 

 This guy tends to dance around a bit. Build forts. Bounce from lap to lap. Distract. Clap. Repeat words. Knock Bibles out of people's hands. 

 And this guy is always full of awesome questions and insight. 
 I don't know that we'll succeed. I don't know that we won't allow the habit to fade away. I can't be positive that the busy-ness of life won't supersede, but I hope not. I sincerely hope we can stick with it because there are so many other distractions that we give priority to that do not matter. 
This matters. 
 The Word. Making it a priority. The family time. Making it a priority. Being still and quiet and talking and praying and asking and seeking and loving...together. It's important to k-now. 
I'm using a little spreadsheet I found on pinterest, HERE. Very doable. Very small chunks. It bounces around so you aren't stuck in one book long enough to shrug it off and say, "I've read this before, check."

Hoping I stumble back on this post throughout the year and that I can say, "We're still at it!" Here's to the accountability of putting stuff out there on the interwebs.

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