Sunday, January 24, 2016


We heard last year(during a giant snowstorm) that the Peninsula typically doesn't get any snow. So here we are again, but I'm lovin' it. One big snowfall a year? I'm game. Friday was bitterly cold. The winds were gusting at 25-30 mph and the snow only stopped long enough to turn into sleet. Two of the kids went out for a few minutes. The dogs were insane. They LOVE the snow. They didn't want to come in, despite the ice chunks hanging from their fur.
 Titus decided he likes snow this year. You can't see it in the picture, but there's a huge smile on his face during the snow angel process. 
 I bribed him with marshmallows. Ruby was un-bribable and she was stinking adorable. She was covered in snow, but no pictures to document her cuteness. I'm learning that Chihuahuas are basically cats. She is absolutely rotten and refuses to obey even the simplest commands. She can, but she won't. Guster, on the other hand, most obedient dog ever. He is so humble and eager to please. Whenever Sean is around, he turns into Buddy the Elf. "I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU!" That's Gus. He wants to be the apple of Sean's eye so badly that he attempts to actually crawl into Sean's eyes all day long. 
 I stepped out for a sec to take a few pictures and this guy locked me out. Hoo-larious.
 This morning we woke up to sunshine!! Beautiful, glorious, warmish sunshine. 
 He's obsessed with chapstick. 

 Sledding towards the lake that isn't frozen...what could possibly go wrong?

 Still working that chapstick application around. 

 This man wouldn't buy snow clothes in Ohio; I certainly can't talk him into it here. 
 He hit a tree and let out a little "ooph."
 Jude took that as his cue to sympathy cry. 

 The middle two took their constant bickering up a couple thousand notches today. 
 I asked Simon to snap a few pictures. He wasn't thrilled as evidenced by the missed focus on these. Whatevs, he was still subjected to his parents smooching. We win. 

 Clark Grisswold was quoted many times today. 
Not breaking any bones on the tree at the bottom of the sledding hill became a fun game. 

 I can't talk him into proper snow attire, but I bet I could talk him into bigger sleds. 
 This view caused many thankful moments today. I may have even shouted at two of my bickering children, "STOP! Look around! We live in a winter wonderland! Be thankful!"

 I didn't get to recreate the family picture we took last year in the snow, but I got these. I'm okay with that. 

 Jude was a big fan of the sledding, as you can see. 

My boys are growing up. It was nice to have fun with them as big kids. We still have one crier, but at least there was no diapers to deal with amongst all the snow clothes. Maybe next year we'll attempt a ski trip!

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