Monday, January 11, 2016

the Beach in January

Despite the fact that it was 77 degrees yesterday, the beach was deserted. 
  It might've had something to do with the "feels like" temperature being a fib. It didn't feel like 77 with the 18 mph winds blowing right off the water. Once I snagged Sean's jacket, all was toasty again. 
 The wind kept getting the dogs ears. We were very entertained. 
 I attempted to get a few comparison shots of the kids. It was a fiasco. We were yelling "sit here, stand there, hands off, SimonFelixTitusJudeGusRuby, look, look, look"s to be heard over the wind. And also because only 1/6 of the crowd was cooperating. The sun was popping in and out from the clouds every other second. I didn't realize the one other car in the parking lot had someone in it. She'll probably never have kids after watching us attempt to document this moment in our lives. 
 We settled for good enough and headed home. 
 It's back to winter today, so I'm glad we got a quick trip in. 
Judging by Ruby's smile( I mean, really...), I'll count the outing a success!
I may start carrying a fan along with my camera simply to make sure the dogs ears are always flying. I can't stop giggling over this picture. 

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Corey said...

how cute! ruby's smile (and felix's!) is priceless!