Friday, February 12, 2016

@ almost 3

My baby boy will be three one month from yesterday. I decided to look through our memory book from the year he was born. After flipping through, I got the big camera out and started bribing.

He's empathetic; he cried during Charlotte's Web at a part that wasn't even sad. He cried when I explained that Ruby wouldn't be able to have puppies. He cries over any injustice he deems an injustice whether it's an injustice or not.

He says inappropriate things(thanks to the influence of older brothers), such as, "Shut your pie hole." But only in public and when disapproving old ladies are around.

He goes from entirely sane to stark raving lunatic with no warning whatsoever.

He wakes up nicely in the morning and grumpy if he happens to fall asleep midday.

We spell the word N-A-P and he thinks it's candy. We also spell the word C-A-N-D-Y.

He will do anything for C-A-N-D-Y.

Titus simply asked if his bacon was spoken for at breakfast the other day. With no verbal response and no warning, Jude close fist punched him square in the nose. He takes his pork very seriously.

He loves the cartoon Max and Ruby.

He loves to draw. Usually on something other than paper.

He's big on using his imagination and playing on his own these days.

He loves Little Critter books and listening to him "read" them makes me tear up.

He's reached the clumsy phase of three.

He's pretty stinking cute. Even with all the shrieking.

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