Monday, February 29, 2016

Cart return

Hey! I saw you with your "Coexist" laden Prius. I saw you with your reusable bags. I saw your pride filled smile as you pointed out your Bernie Sanders bumper sticker to your friend. I saw you abandon your cart just four spots from the cart return. I saw you shove it into the carts that the other Whole Foods shoppers abandoned. I saw you snicker as the line of carts smashed into someone else's car.

Perhaps coexist means something else? Maybe they're expecting someone else to take care of their carts for them? You care about your carbon footprint, but you're an a-hole. How does that balance out? Earth friendly, but not people friendly?

The boys and I were people watching at Whole Foods while Sean ran in for a few things. Normally, if there are tons of carts near my car, we hop out and push them back into the store or cart return. I don't enjoy having a car I'm still making payments on getting dents and dings due to pure laziness. Tonight, however, I decided to let others clean up their messes. It was dark and it's, hands down, the worst parking lot in the entire city(excuses, excuses. I know). So we watched and waited. One fella in a Lexus SUV spotted the carts and pulled in anyway. He purposely hit three carts with his own car, pushing them into another parked car.

It made me his car paid off? Was it free? Is it his mama's? I just can't imagine a man, driving what most would consider a luxury vehicle, into a bank of carts. Sometimes I just don't understand this society. How it is that people can be so self centered. How anyone can be in that big of a hurry that they can't take ten extra steps to put the buggy, that they used, away. To think so highly of themselves that they don't care that your 5 or 25 or $50,000 car gets a big, fat scratch in it because they were too lazy to push the giant basket on wheels back to the store. I mean, it has wheels.  Come on, people. Do your part.

Speaking of which, I get to vote tomorrow. I am so excited, I can't sleep. Dumb, right? The dumb part is that I'm not a real big fan of anybody running. I'm about 90% decided on who will get my vote. I can't wait to people watch tomorrow. I'm a little nervous that real life will somehow resemble Facebook and ill-informed fights will break out.

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Jude said...

You are nicer than me. I'll have to tell you about the Costco lady and her non cart returning that sent me into beast mode.