Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Simon at almost 7:
Felix at almost 7:
Titus at almost 7


Felix at just over 3
 Titus at almost 3
Simon almost 3
Jude now-I tried to find pictures at similar angles to really compare. 

Two things. 

1-I have GOT to get my big camera out more. Ugh, I hate that so many of the pictures I have are phone quality.  I'm all for the candid, every day moments, but man...

2-I still don't see it. I see the obvious similarities, but I see more differences than anything. Their hair is all so different. I think the most marked difference is just their personalities. 

Simon has always had a huge personality and talk-talk-talked til the cows came home. 
Felix has always been an old man. Even when he was a tiny baby, he was subdued.
Titus is constant. Persistant. Always has been and, as of the fourth time he asked for dessert tonight, still is. 
Jude has the biggest personality of all. He packs a big punch in his small package. 

Yesterday at the dentist, for instance. He wanted Titus to play at the abacus table thing with him. "Please, Titus, please?!" he begged with a hug and tug on his arm. It had all the people in the waiting room melting. He gave a few more pleas, Titus resisted. Mid-hug, he reached up and smacked him across the face. Not quite the persuasion Titus succumbs to. The previously melting dental patrons were suddenly avoiding eye contact, waiting to see what would unfold. Long story short, I ended up crouching into a 8 inch tall zebra chair to play with the abacus before bloodshed ensued. Big personality, that Judelet. 

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