Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jude quotes

"Ma. Mom. You are da best 'grill' we ever had."-said while patting my face, waking me up from a dead sleep.

"Are you a statue?"-said to me while I was deep in a texting conversation with a friend.

"Mom, dat guy over dere doesn't like me." The man had just said, "Hey, Little Guy!"

 "Mom, you get da marshmallows, I'll get da chocolate."-said while picking up sticks in the front yard. 

 He found a snail. Titus touched him with it. 
 He decided it wasn't so bad. 
 And then changed his mind. 
This boy...


Stephanie G said...

Oh, the cuteness of this guy! He's precious.

mommabear said...