Sunday, February 28, 2016


So, February is over? I'm glad we get a bonus day because I kinda liked February. We crammed a lot in this month.

We went for a picnic in Yorktown. The first picnic table of choice had someone sleeping on it. The second had a giant Bouvier being groomed by his owner on the table. Big, fat clumps of black fur all over the place. Who does that? We struck gold with a picnic table under a huge tree. All was well until Sean pointed out the used contraceptive at our feet. Who does that? Nothing gets the heart racing like historical landmarks...?
 We had dentist appointments for all. 
 Haircuts for all. 
 I made a Rum Cake for Sean's birthday. It was really, really good. Sidenote: Nordicware pans are crap, but rum glaze is nomnomnom. 
 Given the amount of alcohol and the number of candles on this cake, I'm thankful no one got burned. 

 Ruby Doo got fixed. Jude is still talking about the doctors that cut Ruby up.  
 Felix had an oral book report on a famous American. We still can't locate the library book. 
 I made Beef Bourguignon for Valentine's Day. It was a-maz-ing.
I asked Jude if he would be my Valentine. His face!!
 We explored the York River State Park. 
 Simon learned some new betting strategies when playing Blackjack. Sean has churned out some pretty crafty cardsharps. 
 We went bowling. 
 We went to the beach a couple of times. Like my Trump? 
 We IKEA-ed, explored, and dodged a tornado. 

 This guy face planted on the ice during skating lessons. He's gonna be the kid in the bike helmet next week. He smacked his bean so hard, I don't even think he'll argue with me. 
 This guy took me out to our new favorite restaurant. They make this Seafood Potpie dish. The roux is replaced with she crab soup and they top it with puff pastry. I can't even tell you how decadent it is. And now I'm hungry. 
This post was a bit of a picture overload, but it's nice to look back and realize just how much we're squeezing out of life in the midst of all the daily-ness.


mommabear said...

Looks and sounds like a fun, full month! February always seems busy for us, too. The picnic table scenario is crazy gross. :) And that puff pastry dish description made me hungry!

Jude said...

love your february. miss you guys. let's fix that soon. is Julia's beef recipe online somewhere? you know I was obsessed with her when I was a kid. not that it helped me be a better cook, but...