Thursday, March 03, 2016


A few days ago, these two lost control of their agendas and accidentally got along for a minute. 
 I think they were only using one another for the body weight. Neither was heavy enough to break the downed tree on their own. If I could just get Felix to understand what this look is. Titus adores him. 
 I can't believe this cat is almost seven. He is a charmer. 
 He is adorable. 
 He is hilarious without trying. Unless he jumps on board the "Yo mama" train. Then he tries too hard. They all do. 

 I have sworn an oath to never allow a base barber to touch his precious locks ever again. The cowlicks on this kid are untamable. I'm pretty sure the barber we went to last had never cut hair with scissors. It's as if they only know how to use clippers on base. 
 "I've seen better hair on a coconut."-Sean. 
 "It looks like he got his hair cut with garden shears."-Sean.
 We wet it down and as soon as it dries, cowlicks in every direction. His hair is too fine and straight to buzz it and do a flip. It wouldn't stand up to the weight of hair products. Maybe we'll turn him into a beach boy this summer and see how he looks with long hair. 
Peacock hair and all, this kid is the bees knees. 

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Jude said...

Tell him I will cut it for him next time I see him! Those blondies are hard, they show every line and cut sometimes... he is cute no matter what though!