Sunday, March 13, 2016

I wish.

I wish I was that mom that had amazing cakes and super awesome birthday parties for my kids. They deserve it. Instead, I'm that mom that sneaks out to the Dollar Tree in the hopes the birthday boy stays asleep while I'm shopping. I always envision my kids waking to a swarm of birthday balloons and it's yet to come to fruition. Especially since Dollar Tree no longer blows up latex balloons. Nor does Food Lion, Farm Fresh, or any other store on this peninsula. 
I'm also the mom that envisions AMAZING cakes that never happen. This bunny was supposed to be Max from Max & Ruby. Max needs black icing. Do you know what's in black icing? I do. I tried not to read the ingredients, but I couldn't help it. So Max didn't get a face, but I told the birthday boy who it was supposed to be. He didn't seem to mind, either way. 
I'm also that mom that asks the dad to pick up some balloons from the specialty party shop that's on his way since none of the stores on the peninsula blow up balloons. He came home with a dozen balloons and this sparkler candle that Jude was either impressed and/or scared of. 
My kids don't get decked out parties. Or amazing cakes. I do, however, tend to nail it with the presents. 
This year, he got a kitchen set and eighteen million stuffed dogs. He got a kid tackle box with some magnetic fish. He hasn't stopped playing with those suckers for two solid days. 
 He also gets another birthday party this week with grandparents and aunt and cousins. 
 And another birthday celebration with his other grandparents and cousin next week. 
And the week after that? His favorite person in the entire world is coming to visit all the way from Ohio. I'm the mom that is completely lacking in the Pinterest-worthy birthday parties, but we make up for it with visitors!! 

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