Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lauren, 15

This girl is fast approaching a place that just doesn't seem right. I was there the day she was born. I remember every thing about the day. The fact that I grabbed a sweater of Sean's that had shrunken several sizes in the wash. It felt weird to wear it. The shoulders were still too big and I looked like a moron, but I was in such a hurry to get to Spartanburg that I didn't bother to even pack a bag. I didn't dry my hair or put on make up. I drove 90mph from Florence to Spartanburg, praying, "Please let me make it." Dear Sister, please forgive my prayers if they prolonged your labor. Oopsie. 

I remember the (male) doctor telling my brother in law that contractions felt like "stubbing your toe really, really hard." I hadn't had any babies yet, but I figured that couldn't be right. Idiot.

Lauren was a beautiful baby. A beautiful child. She had the whitest, most uncontrollable hair. Big, fat ringlet curls. She said "punny" instead of funny and "babing-suit." She adored Simon and mother henned him as a baby. Considering she is the one lone female most of the time, she is a good sport. 

She is a gentle soul. She is kind, truly kind. She is confident in her own skin and it sets her apart from so many girls her age. As does the kindness, I suppose. She shows empathy and sympathy. Going back to the kindness thing, I don't think I have ever seen Lauren be one of those bratty teenage girls that you just wanna smack. She's not snarky or sneaky or bitter or hateful. I don't know a ton about teenage girls, other than that I was one. I was a good girl, but I could be a little biznatch. Just downright mean. I truly thought all girls in the 12-17 range could be, but Lauren may be the exception. She doesn't bring drama. She doesn't engage in drama. She's just chill. 

As hard as it's getting to reconcile the baby Lauren with the fifteen(sob) year old Lauren, I can say that I am so very blessed to love her. This amazing girl that is the closest thing I will ever have to a daughter, for whatever part I play in your life, I count it a joy.  

 The crinkly eyed laughter is about the only time she still looks like a little girl. She's always done the crinkly eyed laughter.


Corey said...

such a pretty girl! (inside and out it seems!) isn't it such a weird thing watching all these babies grow into teenagers and young adults?! It seems impossible when surely we were just 15 ourselves, right?!

Tracy Stanton said...

Gotta love our LaLa!! She doesn't make me crazy like her cousin D does. Would love for you to capture D when she is 15! By then I'm sure I will beg you to keep her too!!! bahaha!!!