Saturday, April 02, 2016

Grammie and Grampie's visit

Sean's parents and nephew came for a visit last month. We packed quite a bit into the few days they were here. 

 I tried to get one decent picture of all the grandsons...

 I got a lot of blurry pictures of us bowling. It was an empty bowling alley, you'd think I could've nailed a few shots, but...the blurry ones are kinda fun. 

 Thank you, Simon.

 Thank you, Simon. I swear, I am going to remember all these faces and repeat them in their wedding pictures some day. I hope their photographer costs a fortune. And when they say, "Mom! You ruined our wedding pictures! Why were you making faces in every single picture?!" And I'll bat my eyelashes and say, "What faces?" 

 He stood with his finger in his belly button as they drove away, "Where are dey going? Why is Grampie leaf-ing?" Broke my heart into a million pieces. 

edited to add: phone pictures! I knew I'd missed something...There were quite a few gems on my phone. :)
 I love this one of my mother in law laughing at a story Sean was telling. :)
The boys had a hanging sit up contest against the old man. Simon beat Sean, but I'm pretty sure Pops could've taken him if we hadn't had to leave.




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