Friday, April 08, 2016


The best part about this moving all the time thing is the friendships we've all made. This bunch and our bunch are able to pick right up where we left off.
I'm so kicking myself that I didn't take more time with these shots. Honestly, I didn't think they'd turn out great due to the pitch blackness, but my camera did alright with only the light coming from the party bulbs. All that to say, I wish Felix's face had been in focus. This look explains their entire friendship. He adores this girl!

These kids. Looking so quiet and innocent.

They all woke up at the crack of dawn and started their days off muddy and laughing and rescuing dragonflies. 

We played a few rounds of poker, of course. I lost the first night and vowed it wouldn't happen again. I do not have a poker face. I giggle if I have a good hand, I giggle if I have a bad hand. I'm just giggly when it comes to cards. Either way, I swore I'd get my revenge and I did. I must say, it's so much fun having kids in on the game. 

Ole Chaps acted like he'd never played before. All asking questions and taking notes and what not. Psh. He did just fine. His compadre is a loose cannon that kept us all guessing. I like their style. 
See that innocent smile? Puh-leeze.

We went to our favorite (typically deserted) beach. It was FREEZING. Thankfully, Kristine is a prepared mom and we layered ourselves in 18 different kid coats and Mike rigged up a tarp on some drift wood and we managed to tough it out for a few hours. 
 Jude, sitting like Ms. Kwis-tine.
 The fathers entertained themselves with some Dollar Tree kites for longer than would be expected.

 We had an egg hunt that was over relatively quickly. 
 We celebrated Easter with a trip to the chapel to hear an amazing message by my favorite preacher. 

 The moms + the four bigs opted for a quick trip up to DC. We went to the Spy Museum(SO GOOD), 
and the Capitol, of course. 

We popped into the Botanical Gardens for a bit, then sought food. 
 The restaurant was amazing and we were happy to trek on towards the Library of Congress. We heard the sirens and thought maybe it was a motorcade. There were an awful lot of cops that seemed to be coming out of the woodwork. One told us to turn around, "It's serious." Another asked us where we were going and said we ought to seek shelter. There was a moment of panic mixed in with the excitement, but we were able to get back to the restaurant pretty quickly and all was well. 

 Needless to say, we skipped the other things we had planned, hopped in a taxi as soon as CNN told us it was safe, and hightailed it out of the city. 
 We went to our favorite park while Sean caught a nap after a call shift. We took all 700 of our kids to a little seafood joint. Crab Shack, sounds cheap, right? Ha, nope. I still crack up when I think of one of the children emptying a can of febreeze on another of the children when they were using the restroom. The whole place smelled like canned wildflowers. It was kinda hilarious, and I'll nevereverever think of air freshener without thinking of those two. 
We celebrated two April birthdays a few weeks early. This guy thought he's get the spatula all to himself. 
 This girl cleared up that misunderstanding for him. 

We went on a pirate cruise. It was amazing. If it had been a smidge warmer and less windy, it would've been amazing with a capital A. As we all had hypothermia in the end, it gets a lower case a. 

Charlotte loved her life vest, obviously. 
This girl cracks me up. 

Mike, fulfilling his dreams and calculating the cost of his own pirate ship. 

We got to see a jet fly over a few times. Kinda stole the show for a minute. Even pirates are jealous of pilots. 

The smiles on Sam in the next few. 

That kid was happy!

I'm so glad I got this shot of his wiggly tooth. It's gone now. 

We got to see our bridge open. 

Captain Mayhem. 
We got to see a Navy ship cruise past. 
And all the kids got a turn at the wheel. 

I wish I could've heard their conversation. 

Mike, figuring out how quickly he can liquidate his assets and convince his wife that living on a pirate ship is where it's at. 

This, we're so lucky to be their friends. 

We always manage to have a good time. Amidst the sibling squabbles and pieced together guest bedding and road weariness and not having enough seats to all ride in one car and the sheer number of us, we always manage to make the best memories. 

Thank you for making the trip, Friends!!

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Kristine Stark said...

Love these pictures so much!!!! Love your storytelling ability as well!!! Too funny!