Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Anniversary trip

At some point in the recent past, we decided that taking our children with us on an Anniversary Trip would be a good idea. It was, for the most part. A good idea, I mean. Although there may have been one, "What were we thinking?" And a, "Was this(bringing kids)your idea?" And possibly a, "Call your parents now and book them for next year."

It was mostly due to the rain. A six day relaxing getaway. Time spent parked in a beach chair while the children played in the ocean waves. Relaxing while catching sun rays and getting a nice golden hue on our pasty white legs. Tan lines. Tan lines is what I was looking for. 

Nothing went as I envisioned. It went so, so much better.
This is not the house we stayed in. :D This is the main house, we stayed in the guest house above the garage. 

 The view was uh-ma-sing. Seriously, slow clap for AirBnB and the brilliant people who built this beautiful house. The owner was Minnesota nice. I threw in an, "Uffda," but he didn't acknowledge that I could speak his language. Super nice family though and nobody fell to their death from the killer loft! Adrenalin dumped into my gut every time somebody came down from the loft, but all was well in the end.
It rained the entire time. Not one sunset. No tan lines. No blue skies and mild humidity that could only be enjoyed from the salty ocean. Rainrainrainrainrain and cold. We were forced to get creative. Night one was spent playing Monopoly until TWO THIRTY IN THE MORNING. It was the electronic version. When Jude and I gave it up at midnight, I was still basically playing as I heard the beep-beep-beeping long into the night. It may go down as one of my favorite memories of all time(not the incessant beeping, but the other parts).

The next day, we figured out just how 4X4 the Pilot really is. We took that baby on a 4x4 only beach and had a blast. There are wild horses on this stretch of beach. The many, many wild horse tour companies promised a view of these ponies within their 2 hour, $195(for our family) tour. Once we let most of the air out of our tires and kicked into LOW, we were cruisin'. 

We saw this guy pretty early on... 
and these guys a few minutes later, right where the sand got really loose. We were told it's lucky we saw them that quickly and easily as it usually tends to take an hour or two to find them. 
We got the added bonus of an unidentified object that lots of people were stopping to see. Turns out, it was a very smelly, very dead dolphin. 

The next day, it seemed like it might be a nice day. It wasn't for long. We went to Bodie Island Light House, which we visited in 2008. For some reason, the pictures of that visit have vanished from my hard drive, except for from ye olde blog. If you're interested, you can see them here. My beebees were so little!!
After the lighthouse, we hit the beach, but it was too stinking cold and windy to do much more than grab a few shells. 
The next day came, cloudy and rainy again, but slightly warmer. We went back to Coquina Beach because it had been so empty the day before. We were one of two families on the whole stretch of sand. 

I took a chance with my camera and begged the martyrs for a few family pictures. You'd think I'd asked them for a kidney. I got eight whole pictures. I'm really not complaining at all. I'm thankful for all eight pictures and the willingness of my beloveds. 

Simon said he's never making a face in a picture again because those are the ones I chose to print BIG and hang on the wall. YUP. 
Did you know that Grave Digger lives in Kill Devil Hills? Yassss. We successfully dodged all souvenir purchases and managed to only ride the monster truck. Best $30 ever spent. 

By the last day of vacation, we'd had enough of the rain and clouds and close quarters of the beach house. We almost packed up early and headed home to the pups. I'm so glad we stuck it out another day. "I don't want to go walk around in the stupid sand. I want to go kayaking." I pushed my agenda and got these boys back to the stupid sand. They loved it. 
It's another place we visited back in 2008. It was a really weird experience of passage of time realization. Watching Titus and Jude was like reliving the experience from 8 years ago. Super crazy. 

...and this is when we got ringworm...Just kidding. Unless it takes a while for ringworm to show up. This just shows you how much it rained while we were there. Giant puddles everywhere!
We finished up our trip doing the thing the big boys loved best: kayaking. They loved it so much so that they are pooling their money and watching Craigslist to get a boat of their own. 
The two bigs went for a quick swim in the Sound(successfully tearing up one of their legs on barnacles) and then we had just enough time to get some more family pictures before the light went away. The boys were all very excited. ;)
So excited that this one kept threatening to throw me in the water. I promised to drag him in with me if he did. 

Simon flashing signs that are actually Roman numerals to commemorate the reason for the trip. Psh,  cover up, your homeschool is showing. 
Sean came up with this one last picture. He said, with a very Al Bundy-esque face, "Eat your heart out, Hallmark." He's a cheese ball.
That was that. A trip with no agenda other than hanging out. I would've preferred sunshine and warmth, but perhaps it wouldn't have been such a memorable trip without all the rain and cold, grey skies.

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