Tuesday, June 07, 2016


This boy was born a week after I graduated high school and somehow he's 16. My brother's oldest. I can so vividly recall this little lump wrapped up in his hospital receiving blanket as my brother brought him out to see us all, anxiously awaiting his arrival. He pushed the blanket down so we could see his face. I gush, but it really was love at first sight. 

 His miniature glasses, sigh. 

I can't fathom how he has gone from that tiny, shaggy haired boy to the tallest person at the dinner table(unless Jacob is around). He farts a lot and says incredibly inappropriate things, as all teenagers do. He is Donald Trumps number one fan. Grandpa says he has rectal cranial inversion, as all teenagers do, but he is unique in a way that so many teenagers are not. He is bold and outspoken and knows his own mind. He challenges me in so many good ways. He appreciates simple things like playing poker after dinner and homemade chocolate chip cookies. He speaks out against injustice and is very, very vocal about his faith and point of view. I respect this kid, this boy that is well on his way to manhood. He is an amazing, amazing person and I am so incredibly thankful I've had the last year or so to truly bond with him. It makes me break out in a cold sweat when I realize this stage of life is right around the corner for Simon.

Isaac, you are an awesome young man. I can't wait to see what life has in store for you. I am so lucky God picked me to be your aunt. Our family wouldn't be the same without you. This world wouldn't be the same without you stirring the pot, shaking things up. I hope sixteen is everything you're hoping for!


Tracy Stanton said...

Totally love this young man!!

Kristine Stark said...

Love! Well said! Had so much fun meeting him. Where does the time go?