Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Mountain Mamas

Could there be a more beautiful place on earth? The boys and I got to spend the weekend with some of our best friends on their Grandparents farm. This place was in the middle of nowhere. It was a weekend untainted by schedules and technology. The kids entertained themselves. Let me just say again...the kids. THE KIDS. They entertained themselves! No tv, no internet, no i-anything, no toys, no mom suggestions, nothing. I had no cell service and it was such a nice break from the meaningless staring at other peoples lives and drama over gorillas and presidential candidates.

We all got such a whopping dose of perspective that I truly feel two days with nature and friends has forever changed us. It was nice to imagine the daily lives of our grandmothers. To imagine how life would've been and could be again, if so desired.

I was able to reflect on a friendship that can only be explained by: God did it. The overlapping of our lives so many years ago that is now tainted by distance, but holds strong thanks to...gulp...technology. Seriously, she and I and another mutual BFF text daily. Hourly. I wouldn't be able to do this motherhood thing without them.

It was so nice to connect in person again, to let the eight kids run free. We literally sat in a chair for two days(aside from the cooking, tending camp fire, and settling a few squabbles) and watched the kids play. The kids spent 95% of their time fishing.

 Fresh caught rainbow trout. 

(another memory with Emery and Titus. This one was in July 2011)
  I think watching other mothers mother their children might be one of my favorite things. 

 (memory note: Titus & Emery in 2011)

(memory note: Their last group shot, two kids ago: December 2012)

 That is not at all non organic s'more chocolate from my second s'more dripped down the front of me. 

It was amazing to watch the dynamics of another family. To see how similar we are, how our parenting styles are alike and how they differ. Mostly, it was a relief to find that we are normal. There are some things that only other mothers in the trenches understand. There is nothing quite so complex and frustrating and endearing as the personality and will of a three year old. It's nice when you can meet the eye of and share a head shake and smile with someone who gets it. 

Thanks for the invite, Friend, the memories will certainly last a lifetime. 

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