Wednesday, August 17, 2016

F, 5th grade

His September birthday makes it seem like he should be in sixth grade, but he's always been a grade behind everyone in his peer group. He's a little smarty pants like his Pa. If I was the bragging type I'd mention that he made perfect scores in nearly every subject on the standardized tests he took a few months ago, but since I'm not, I won't. :)
I wish I could copy and paste his love of reading to the rest of the knuckleheads. And also his attention to detail. When doing any school assignment, he reads every last bit of the instructions before beginning. If it's a map project, he studies the map before reading the questions. Who does that?! His father does that, but who else in this world does that??

 I'm so glad he humored me and put on dress clothes for a little photo shoot, even though it was 102 degrees out. 
 When we came in, I called upstairs to Simon, "Wanna get dressed up and take some pictures?" 
 Felix interjected, "You can't escape it, Simon. You can't escape it."
 And when I asked him to smile and said, "Show your teeth. Pretend you enjoy life!" He replied, "I have three brothers. What do you expect?" 
 :) Once the middle child, always the middle child.

I so love this guy right here. Smirky Turkey is growing up on me...just a tad faster than I think he should.  

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Kristine Stark said...

Oh my GOSH! What awesome pictures! Just love your boys! Miss you guys!