Thursday, August 18, 2016

J, 3K

3K, hehehahahahohohoh. When I think of what Simon knew at 3 years old, I am inclined to force some education on my littlest. He was so excited at the thought of school. He got a special Leap Frog computer all of his own. He liked his desk and his little chair. That was on day one. For about five, no...three minutes.

By day two, worksheets had become weapons and he literally ate one. He ripped apart a worksheet with his teeth and then bit me when I tried to get the wads of paper out of his mouth. So yeah, not so much 3K. Plus, if three year olds had the knowledge to match their will, they would take over the world. Nobody wants a Jude in charge, I promise. The world would be a much funnier place though.

No, I am not stupid enough to give a three year old a venti coffee. I am, however, smart enough to bribe him with the last couple ounces and short straw him enough to get a few extra minutes of cooperation. :) Pinkies out!!

 Be still my heart!!

 Ready, set, go...whenever you're ready, sweet boy. 

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