Sunday, August 07, 2016

Just Beachy.

Ruby's first trip to the beach, almost a year ago. My goodness she was cute!!
The boys say she's still adorable. :)

What were they looking at?
 The biggest snake skin I've ever seen.
 Granted, I haven't seen a ton of snake skins, but I still didn't want to see the snake that outgrew this one.

 Gus had fun attacking it. I only hope he'd be so brave if it were an actual snake. 
 Ruby spent her beach time running like a cheetah. She's a quick lil pup. 

We enjoyed the solitude of this beach so much so that we came again a few days later with the peninsula's newest residents. :D


 My mean little dogs kept ganging up on my parents dog, Betty. It looks like she'd finally had enough in this picture, but I think she just wanted to play some more. :)

Forgive all the dog pictures, they just crack me up. The wind kept catching their ears and making them fly up. 

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