Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Sean the Builder

You are very welcome for the song that is now stuck in your head. Or maybe Bob the Builder is only stuck in my head...? 

This was our bonus room before. It is part of a humongous addition the previous owners put on to the original house. They added a two car garage and this bonus room over it. We used it as a family room and school room. To the left in this first picture is a big window with the best view in the house. To the right is the school area. When guests visited, it also served as a guest room. The previous owners had a bar where the flag is and pool table right where Jude is standing. It worked okay this way, but not as well as it could, we felt. We decided to split the room in half. Now the humongous room is two still very large rooms. 

 Titus wrote in black, Felix in green. I envisioned Bible verses or nice thoughts about family or home. Instead...yo mama jokes and insults. 

 Still during: the drywall phase. 

 Still during: the closet phase. 

 Still during: seamed, mudded, sanded, primed.
 Still during: closet doors on(the BIGGEST hassle of the entire project, new mattresses!!
 Closet systems...
 Paint on the walls (Behr Flannel Gray)and beds in and made.

Since the color of the boys' closet doors don't match the other fifty bazillion doors in our house, I decided to go way off.  We have dark wood trim and doors in our house and I didn't want another dark door. I thought about resale and tried to imagine what someone would say as a potential buyer and my voice of reason(Sean) said, "Do what YOU want." So, red. 

 This rug looked a lot bigger in the store. :/
 While moving rooms around was the theme of the month, I relocated my office to this nook and my previous area is now going to be the school room. All we have left is baseboards and a door on the boys' room!
 This work in progress will be the school room. It needs a coat of paint and a bookshelf and then it's pretty much done. 
The view from my office area. 
The doorway through my office was the little boys' room, but they moved into the old big boys' room.   It is now an actual guest room/undecided area. It may eventually become an office for Sean. Our house flow has improved drastically. We now have a four bedroom instead of three. I'm pretty sure we made a wise investment, but it's yet to be determined. If nothing else, we've learned a LOT!! 

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Kristine Stark said...

I love it!!! I love the red doors! Very cool! Great investment!