Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A birthday whistle

He wanted an Xbox. 
He got a whistle. 
To go with his kayak.

Because he's a sweetheart, he acted like he was happy with just the whistle. 
He has declared the kayak his greatest gift ever. I'm not sure what that says about the present he got last year. Two living beings in the form of furry mutts. Maybe he forgot they were his gift...
Poor guy was so sick, hence the angry birds pants. We had to delay cake because I didn't want him blowing out his candles with contagious spittle. 
This boy is approaching teenage-hood much too quickly. He was an inch taller on his 11th birthday than Simon was on his 12th. He's surpassed the hand-me-downs and is actually a size bigger than Simon. He had to hand back some hand-me-downs. He gets hangry. If he doesn't eat at very regular intervals, he turns into an absolute turd. He will apologize after the fact, but he can be downright mean if his tank it empty.
This boy is my homebody. He loves to read and is going through books faster than I remember to buy them. He is very patient(unless he's hungry). He doesn't freak out when he can't figure something out, he works through it. He is gracious(unless dealing with Titus). His favorite pastime is arguing with Titus about the most meaningless things that one wouldn't think could be argued about. He is the most loyal friend and is struggling a bit with not having anyone close by that is his age. 
He loves animals and is very empathetic towards all creatures. He's the type that rescues ants from being squashed. He does everything thoroughly and with little complaint. He always has a yo mama joke ready to go. 
He compliments my cooking and thanked me for making his cake instead of buying one(be still my heart). He enjoys helping in the kitchen. This one fits his name to a T. 
11 already, geez. 

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